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Miss any of our best stories from this week? Click on the headlines to read this week’s top stories. CALIFORNIA’S $12.3 BILLION IN PROPOSED SCHOOL BONDS: BORROWING VS. REFORM Ed Ring of the California Policy Center explains how politicians can renege on the language of bond proposals- and how the state is borrowing even more […]

Unsuspecting teachers think their union dues are going toward improving working conditions, rather than union-backed candidates.

In August 2013, Ohio Watchdog Reporter Maggie Thurber asked if Ohio really needed over 160 license plates. Lawmakers were then looking to introduce six more in H.B 110. But that was not enough.

Maryland remains one of the worst states in the nation for business tax climate, according to the Tax Foundation’s 2015 Business Tax Climate.

Lewis campaign shown ready, willing and able to blur the truth and hope voters won't both with the simple research needed to verify claims.

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