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Lake County Watchdog Vance Jochim reported that Fiscal Rangers in Tavares are holding Pam Stewart and the Florida Department of Education accountable for a $51-million budget blunder that the State is trying to pawn off on its 67 school districts. Monday night, around 5:30 pm, the CFO of the Lake County School District told board […]

A coalition of groups calls for the House to take action on ethics reform and open government bills that were stalled in the Florida Legislature.

If you are a taxpayer in St. Johns County, you need to be very concerned about why your Commissioners are so excited.

Many citizens are wondering about their Sarasota County Commissioners. In particular, the United Nations 2014 World Environment Day.

The UN has chosen Sarasota as its host for World Environment Day. Two climate experts spoke to the county about the UN’s global warming campaign is a scam.

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