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True to its name, the “watchdog” is protective of the people — the everyday folks who exercise their constitutional rights and enjoy the liberties reserved for American citizens.

A group of Florida clergy is urging African-American and Latino voters to educate themselves on issues and candidates for political office; and then, to vote early by participating in statewide “Souls to the Polls” events.

Adrian Wyllie, the third-party candidate for Governor of Florida who was not allowed to speak in Tuesday night’s televised gubernatorial debate from Jacksonville, aspires to be the Ross Perot upset; but will his candidacy actually result in the “big government” he loves to hate? Or, as some observers believe, will a vote for Wyllie equal […]

The seven-minute delay during the latest Crist-Scott debate, dubbed #fangate on Twitter, quickly gained national attention.

First Amendment Foundation conducted a Sunshine Training seminar for Florida citizens outlining FOIA and transparency in state government.

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