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Confused By Ballot Measures? Learn The Taxpayer-Friendly Position!

Tomorrow, Americans will go to the polls to elect a President and Vice-President, over 450 members of Congress, twleve governors, and thousands state legislators and local officials. Overlooked, however, in this election, is direct democracy, in the form of hundreds of ballot measures, which have the power to raise and lower taxes, increase and decrease regulation, and empower either the politician or the citizen.

The National Taxpayers Union, which claims, “”This is your money and the government should return it to you,” as its mantra, has done yeoman’s work on the citizen’s behalf by profiling every single one of these measures–at the state, county, and local level–that pertains to taxation and the size of government. Click here for the full guide, state by state.

Watchdog Wire has profiled the key ballot measures–and NTU’s recommended position for taxpayers–in five states:

  • California, where the governor is pushing a massive tax increase known as Proposition 30.
  • Oregon, where taxpayers can vote to kill the “death tax.”
  • Michigan, where unions are attempting a pair of massive power grabs via ballot measure.
  • Florida, which has no fewer than 7 taxpayer-friendly amendments on the ballot.
  • Montana, where citizens can stand up to two recent Supreme Court decisions.

Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at

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