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Tip O’ The Day: Don’t Be Boring!

One of the most awkward conversations with a blogger goes like this:

Blogger: Why doesn’t anyone read my stuff?!

Me: Hmm, why do you think?

Blogger: I don’t know… I see other people writing the same things
and they get traffic.

Me in my head: Uh, yeah,… no.  They’re writing on the same topic and
writing way better than you.

Fact is, the best bloggers aren’t boring. They have unique takes on a
topic and they tend to write well and in a natural voice.

What does that mean? Well, it means sounding like you.

A good idea for better writing: Write it and then, read it out loud.
Does your blog post or article sound natural and interesting?

Do you read Thomas Sowell or Jonah Goldberg or Maureen Dowd? If not,
go read examples of their work today. They each have a unique and
natural voice. Their writing is unmistakably theirs.

Be distinctive. And don’t, whatever you do, be boring

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