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The Michigan Union Mob: A Citizen’s Firsthand Account


December 11, 2012

This is the firsthand account of Chris McCoy, a member of our Citizen Watchdog team who has been on the ground as Michigan has passed its right-to-work bill.

I was scared for my safety earlier this afternoon when an angry mob of union thugs began tearing down the tent that fellow citizens and I were using to keep warm. We were just outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, in the heart of the union protest of Michigan’s right-to-work legislation.

I’ve been on the ground in Lansing for the past few days with my daughter and other citizens from across the state, watching the union crowd get larger and angrier as the politicians inside got closer to passing right-to-work. The mob was already chanting at us when I arrived at 8am to cover what was happening inside the Americans for Prosperity tent where citizens were peaceably exercising their First Amendment rights.

The chanting became louder and the union mob grew larger before they began pulling up the stakes and ripping down the cords keeping the tent anchored. I was afraid for the handicapped and elderly people in the tent, who would have to make their way through the mob to safety.

When I stepped outside, chaos was erupting around me. I became concerned and then scared after the threats escalated into punches nearby as the tent caved in. Protesters stormed inside to rip down the tent’s supports. One of them knocked my phone out of my hand as I was using it to record the mob scene.

Fortunately, my friends and I made it through the mob to safety. I was able to record the entire ordeal, and uploaded my video to Youtube. Check it out—you won’t believe the scene in Lansing until you see it!

I came to the State Capitol this morning as a citizen activist, not as any kind of journalist looking for a story. When chaos started to unfold, I just took out my iPhone and shot video, doing my best to capture the citizen experience on the ground, inside the mob. And it’s easy for any citizen to post videos to Watchdog Wire.com, which is powered by stories like mine.

This is the time for action. The legacy media won’t cover the real story behind the union right- to-work protests the way we can, and we owe it to our fellow citizens to get out there on the ground and tell people the truth.

I hope you will join me in this watchdog movement as we continue to tell the story of “We the people.”

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