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The cliff, lies ahead and behind.

We are surrounded by the great noise of the fiscal cliff. The more you hear about this the more lies you are witnessing. To be fair, from both sides. I do not want to waste your time and mine. So let me get right to the point and ask the questions that no one is asking. Well, maybe you are. I was referring to the media of the drones. I am amazed at the drone like questions, narrative that is so monotone and redundant, I actually want to vomit. Well, back to my few questions.

1. If the government prints its own money, why are we running out. (the real answers are taxes) I will go into this in more detail regarding the fed. If you wanted to get the soup to nuts answer in vivid detail, The Fruits of Graft, Great Depressions Then and now. By Wayne Jett. I will guarantee you by the end of that book. You will need heart medication. So if you have a heart problem, don’t read it. But the secret is there in black and white.

2. Why does every politician always go after our money and not their own. Social Security for one. (much more on this later, frankly, this is the key to the entire puzzle) Taxes and the rich, just not my contributors. Sickening.

3. Foreign money to people who hate us or use it to enslave their own people.

4. Tax evasion by staffers and the congress. (do as I say not as I do, funny how that works for them.)

There are endless questions to that you and I can agree. These are but a few that are asked buy us the voters but never asked or answered by the so called elite politician. Reminds me of Clinton  and the word is.

I would like to say at this point, I am not a rep or dem, I am a sovereign American. I believe in the rule of law, one law for all. You brake it, bang you are gone. Simple yes. If you agree, great. If not, your road is a little bit longer. I am a Catholic and Jesus Christ is the only son of God. I want to state that. Because I believe in the rule of law, the laws on your heart that God placed there before he sent us down here for our journey home.

That being said, let me continue regarding the fiscal cliff.

What do these names have in common, Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy, Reagan. Yes, the obvious is they were all presidents. What else do they have in common. Think for just a moment. It has to do with money, banking, that’s it, come on, almost there. You got it.  The federal reserve and banking, they either tried to stop it or did stop it. They all paid a price for it, some died, some got shot. Funny how that is.

Jackson, he stopped the charter of the banks. Oh yes, the banks they used to be chartered, only allowed to be in existence for a certain number of years. Then they had to be renewed. The founding fathers knew how bad they were. So they kept a tight leash on them. But like a bad rash, they always came back. Looking for a way to get around this pesky rule of charter. (they finally did in 1913 and Wilson.)

Lincoln, he needed money after the war. Go to the big bankers. Ah, thinking they had Lincoln over a barrel, they demanded 18% to 24% interest on the money. We all know what he said to that. He started printing Green Backs. You all remember that common phrase.  Let see, Abbe was smart enough to understand, borrow from bank, I owe interest for years to come. I print my own, no interest, taxes low. Get the economy moving again. Simple enough. Then he got tickets to the play. We all know the story. Lincoln dies of lead poisoning. Oh sorry, that would be the head line of today. Big banking wants its pound of interest.

Garfield was also a President that stopped the banks from gaining to much power, shutting them down regarding their charter. Bang, died of his wounds 1890 or there about. They got him too.

Kennedy, we all have heard his great speech talking about the secret society. He to printed US gov notes, they had a red seal. They were not printed from the federal reserve. Because that is what your money states on in now.

Federal reserve note. Has nothing to do with the US government. Nothing at all. More on that later. Well Nov, 22, 1963 forty nine years ago. Shame. He wanted to take on the banking system. He was killed for it, guess who comes in. Johnson, the Texan. One of the largest mercantilism crones of all time, with a few exceptions. (Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR (which we are now living over again now, more on this later)

Reagan, 1984, the grace report. Have you ever heard of this report? Probably not. It was a report that showed that all the federal taxes collected did not provide for a single service to the American tax payer. Not a one. This is not what everyone believes. They have been told an illusion, its been repeated so much that people can not wrap their brain around that simple fact. After this report was given to Reagan, he ordered an investigation into the Fed. Low and behold, two weeks later. Reagan just happen to get shot, guess who almost takes over, Bush. Wow, he is from Texas too. Go figure. But Reagan does not die. He does however stop the investigation into the fed and the taxes associated with the amount of interest paid. I guess a bullet will do that for you.

So brings me back to my first lie. If we print our own money. Why are we running out and need more taxes. Well, who is going to pay the interest to the banker on the money they lend us out of thin air. I will also get into banking and the real fractional banking. My point, we are paying bankers or cartel of the federal reserve interest on money that they create out of thin air. That is where our tax dollars go.

So with that in mind, politicians claim to be for our best interest. Funny how that word climes into the conversation. Best interest, ya for the banks. They look at the systems they we are do or pay into. But never to the largest aspect of moneys that can be eliminated in one fell swoop. You see, if we got rid of our interest payments to banker/fed, we would have no money problems or inflation. I will explain this at another time. Safice it to say, taxes would be almost eleimiated at the federal level. Walla, real magic.  How would all you elderly like to receive 3,000.00 dollars a month for SS payments. Well some people are in Galviston county Texas. Google it, you will see. Boy doesn’t that make you mad. Don’t worry, this is just the start.

Here is another aspect, if we are so concerned about the debt ceiling. Why is that a big deal, Bernanke gave away 16.2 trillion in two and one half years. No accounting, faced with a Congressional probe, Bernanke tells the congress to jump off the cliff. They do not have power over him. That should tell you some thing. Wake up.  Demand answers, don’t worry, I  am going to lead you to the finish line, not leave you hanging for the direction you should be going.

That is why I have stated, lies, lies, lies. They in congress know the real answer, the con, how ever you want to label it. Everything you hear is a lie to push you in some direction. You might say that about me. At the end you will not. Do you want the red pill or the blue on.   You pick.  Just to show you that I am not full of hot air. Please google, FEMA dark under belly. This will open your eyes to another false hood. There are no representatives in our government. Not a one. Go see for your self, take the Blue pill. Please, once you do you will never see life the same



The blue pill provider


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