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The Best Of The Week

January 14, 2013

Welcome to a new feature here at Watchdog Wire–a rundown of each week’s best stories from Citizen Watchdogs! Once a week, we’ll post links here highlighting the work our contributors have done to expose waste, fraud, and abuse in their own communities. Here are the highlights from last week:


Lou Ann Anderson  reported on a potential gun show ban on Travis County property–and which elected officials are standing up for the Second Amendment. As she wrote,

“Central Texas may even become the Lone Star State’s ground zero battleground as Travis County commissioners consider banning gun shows on county property and the City of Austin investigates a similar measure that could also extend to requiring special permits for shows on private property within the city’s limits.”

Elsewhere, Terri Hall wrote about Texas’ massive “road debt,” a result of years of undisciplined transportation policy from the Perry Administration. As Hall writes,

“Policy makers need to be held accountable if they fail to address one of the core functions of government — building and maintaining a freely accessible public road system. The financial dire straits of our highway department necessitates a transportation-intensive session and the leadership necessary to get the job done. Just do it.”


Laura Rambeau Lee offers her take on the gun control debate, weighing in on the importance of the Second Amendment and sounding the alarm on what government may try to do next:

“We must understand that the government will use [tragedy], and has already started to attempt to force more useless gun control legislation on the law-abiding American public.  No matter what they say, the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for a reason, and that reason was to prevent the federal government from becoming too powerful over the people.  It was to keep the people free from a tyrannical government.”


Jana Benscoter shot a video of a local school board member expressing his frustrations with PA’s bureaucratic public records system–and how some unions are doing everything they can to keep state salary figures out of the public eye. You’ll definitely want to check this video out.


Michael Chamberlain uncovered another hidden tax hike Nevadans face this year: unemployment taxes, dictated by the Silver State’s astronomical jobless rate. As he writes,

“As the recession devastated Nevada’s economy, the state’s unemployment rate reached nearly 14%. Unemployment benefit payments depleted the state’s fund in 2009 and Nevada had to borrow money from the federal government to pay benefits. This borrowing has continued as the unemployment rate remains in double digits and the highest in the nation and tax collections from the state’s businesses have been insufficient to cover benefit payments.”


Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at kevin@watchdogwire.com

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