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Election Integrity Maryland Requesting Verification Notices For ‘No Footprint’ Voters

I would like to share with you some information I received from Election Integrity Maryland President, Cathy Kelleher.


No “Footprint” Anywhere

 In the course of our research, we have uncovered a trend, so far only noticed in Baltimore City.  Voters, older than 30 years old ranging into the 70’s, who are registered to vote out of agencies, who can not be located using any search engines.

 It is unlikely that anyone living in the United States who attain the age of 30 years or older, has not left a “footprint” somewhere.  Using census’, verification applications and other applications not finding any evidence of a person’s existence except on the voter rolls is suspect.

 I think these individuals should be sent verification notices that require them to appear in a local Board of Election office with two forms of identification (photo, government issued) to certify their existence.

 I have found an extraordinary number of these voters in Baltimore City only.

Election Integrity Maryland is modeled after their parent organization True the Vote. Both organizations are non-partisan and citizen driven, “equipping volunteers for every stage of the electoral process.” Upholding free and fair elections is an issue that I hope crosses party lines and brings people together to achieve that common goal.

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Jackie Wellfonder

Jackie Wellfonder is a proud conservative activist and strategist. She started blogging in 2012 and spreading a common sense message of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and transparent governance. She is also a radio host at

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