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Marylanders Speak Out Against SB281

As of this writing I am still listening to testimony and I am so grateful for the hundreds of patriots that took the time today to rally and offer testimony as opponents to the liberty infringing piece of legislation that is SB 281 in the state of Maryland. These people made history today as the Senate building was closed for the first time in 11 years due to “overwhelming voter turnout” according to Del. Don Dwyer.

With that said, I want to share this important update I just received from NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action):

The Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Governor’s gun control legislation, Senate Bill 281, is underway and crowds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters have shown up in Annapolis to oppose this draconian gun control measure. Opponents of S.B. 281 have overwhelmed the Maryland State House and have maxed out building capacity! About 3,000 people who, at the time of writing, have registered to testify on this important issue and every one of them deserves an opportunity to speak in defense of their rights as anti-gun legislators seek to take those rights away.

However, NRA-ILA has learned that the amount of testimony that the Senate committee will hear is being limited to eight hours total. This means citizens who are very near to having their right to self-defense taken away are, as a group, being limited to a mere four hours, thus disenfranchising the thousands of people who have come to Annapolis to make their elected officials aware of their strong opposition to this bill. Not only is the Maryland Senate considering infringements upon your Second Amendment rights with this anti-gun legislation, they are willing to restrict your free speech so they don’t have to listen to reason about why SB 281 is a major step in the wrong direction.

Information on SB 281 can be found here.

Your NRA-ILA will keep you updated on further details when they become available. Thank you to all who have come to Annapolis today to show your support for the Second Amendment in Maryland!

There you have it folks, not only are our second amendment rights being threatened, but our right to freedom of speech as well. These threats were not taken lightly by hundreds of Marylander’s who were there ‘holding the line’. Here are a few photos shared on the 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control Facebook page:





One of my favorite pictures of the day was one posted by Sen. Nancy Jacobs where she made this statement, “Speaking at the gun rally – holding up my SB 281 bill notebook. Book cover is my target from the range the day I shot my new pistol for the first time – which will be an “assault weapon” under this bill”:

I hope the fact that many conservative Democrats are against this bill will be a factor in whether it passes. From the Washington Post today:

Some more conservative — and powerful — Democrats, meanwhile, say O’Malley’s plan goes too far, and they are working to carve it up into pieces that might make the licensing portion more difficult to pass.

The challenge mirrors one of the growing problems President Obama faces in Washington: Gun-control advocates have largely painted Republicans as the obstacle to stricter laws, but part of the problem rests with the divergent views of Democrats.

I think this is an incredibly opportunity for us to reach across the aisle and I hope it is embraced by our elected officials.

My friend Dan Bongino was one of the speakers at the rally today. Please visit this Washington Times link to hear part of his speech. Dan made this powerful statement on his Facebook page today:

Your liberty cannot belong to you and  your government at the same time.

Friends, we have only just begun to fight. We need to stand firm and hold our legislators accountable. Call, email, or visit in person today.

Jackie Wellfonder

Jackie Wellfonder is a proud conservative activist and strategist. She started blogging in 2012 and spreading a common sense message of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and transparent governance. She is also a radio host at www.waarradio.com.

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