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The best of the week

February 11, 2013

Here are the best citizen stories from the first full week in February!


In the most shocking story of the week, Jen Raiffie uncovered several disturbing occurrences in Jefferson County’s public schools, including a teacher who showed his students a vulgar, politically charged video in class–and is still teaching! This story of teachers out of control and a superintendent out of touch is a must-read.


Dr. Rich Swier sits down with the co-founder of Tea Party Community,  a new online social network for conservative activists. He finds that TPC and Watchdog Wire share many of the same goals, especially promoting accountability in government. Citizen Watchdogs will want to learn more about this opportunity to interact with the grassroots.


Citizens gathered outside the Maryland State Capitol last week for a spontaneous rally against proposed gun control legislation. JackieLynn Wellfonder was on hand to snap pictures and reported choice quotes from local politicians and activists. Her story also provides an update on the status of the radical anti-gun bill.


Bruce Carroll looks at the ongoing fight between the City of Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers, who are demanding even more taxpayer money from the city, which has funded local sports teams generously for the past 25 years.


Ohio’s teachers unions are dealing with some funny math: declining membership, rising dues, and across-the-board pay raises. Jason Hart looks at the numbers and concludes that, even in a recession, it’s good to be a public sector union.


Jana Benscoter writes about the Keystone State’s declining union membership, and the legislative agenda of a conservative state lawmaker, who questions the value of union power in a 21st century economy. This legislator is proposing right-to-work legislation, which Michigan enacted in December.


Lou Ann Anderson covers a pep rally that occurred at a high school last week in Grapevine. But this rally wasn’t to support a football team: it was to oppose school choice options like vouchers and tax credits, and increase taxpayer funding to government schools.

Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at

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