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Watchdog Wire Weekly Wrap!

The best of the week

February 25, 2013

Here are some of the best stories from last week on Watchdog Wire:


Citizen journalist Jen Raiffie was thrown out of a hearing at the State House of Representatives–for exercising her First Amendment right to record a committee session. Read Jen’s account of the ordeal to learn more about the lengths to which government will go to keep their workings from the public eye.


Floridians may not need to worry about their Constitutional rights being violated as much as their neighbors in other states. As Dr. Rich Swier reports, the sheriffs of all 67 of the state’s counties have signed a pledge not to enforce any federal gun control laws that may violate the Second Amendment.

Also, remember Dr. Swier’s story on the “Vote for Obama” professor from last fall? Last week, the president of her college recommended that she be fired as a direct result of Watchdog Wire’s investigation!


Marylanders who want to use the ballot initiatives to enact laws without politicians playing the middle man could be in for a nasty surprise. A new bill in the state legislature would add several extra layers of red tape to the process, and would even allow legislators to use taxpayer money to fight against ballot measures. Doug Gill has that story.


Bruce Carroll reports on a “nonpartisan” non-profit group that has secretly been coordinating partisan attacks against North Carolina’s new governor. The evidence against this group could be damning–and has already jeopardized their relationship with their largest donor.


The Beaver State has been a hotbed of gun control lately, and Jeff Reynolds writes about the various anti-gun laws being considered in the legislature. The most extreme of these measures would not only ban most guns and magazines, but would also expand the government’s power to search private homes without warrant, and require citizens to submit to background checks for guns they already own.

Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at kevin@watchdogwire.com

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