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Join the #IAmTaxFree Initiative for Tax Freedom Day

Every year, the date on which we are “tax free” is moved later in the year as government increases taxes. You keep less of your money, and the government takes more.

When do you break free from Uncle Sam? Find out your state’s tax freedom date here.

To help remind our elected officials that we are chained to Uncle Sam through a date in late March, April or early May, today we are launching the #IAmTaxFree InitiativeWe need your help to make this initiative a success.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download and print our “I Am Tax Free Sign” here.
2. Fill in your state’s freedom date (find it here).
3. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign.
4. If you’re on Twitter, tweet it out! Your Tweet should say, “#IAmTaxFree on [date] in [your state]”. Upload your picture, and send it. You could even include the handle (@name) of your Congressman, US Senator, State Representative and/or State Senator at the end of the tweet. And, you can include our handle — @watchdogwire.
5. If you’re on Facebook, go to our page at facebook.com/WatchdogWire and post your picture on our wall. Then, share that post right to your own wall for your friends to see.
6. If you’re on Pinterest, pin your picture! Be sure to also share it on Twitter or Facebook per the instructions above so that we see it and can pin it to our #IAmTaxFree Pinterest board.

Here's an example of what your photo should look like! Horizontal or vertical is fine.

Here’s an example of what your photo should look like! Horizontal or vertical is fine.

With your help through April 15, we can get the message out to educate citizens and our representatives in government about Tax Freedom Day. This is your chance to let your elected officials see a human element to the tax burden they vote to impose on citizens, and to inform others about the tax burdens their friends face throughout the nation.

This is also an opportunity to express your thoughts on the tax burden through the media. Franklin Center reporters will follow up with select citizens who participate in the initiative, so this is a great chance to have your voice heard.

If you have any questions about the initiative, please email info@watchdogwire.com.

Social media provide a powerful platform for spreading this message. We invite you to partner with us to make the#IAmTaxFree Campaign a success!

Sara Marie Brenner

Sara Marie Brenner is the Strategic Outreach Manager with The Franklin Center where she manages the Watchdog Wire team, social media strategy and engagement, and other outreach. She is the Creator/Editor of TheBrennerBrief.com and a contributor for Watchdog Wire, Human Events, Yahoo and The Brenner Brief. She may be emailed at saramarie.brenner@franklincenterhq.org.

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