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Help Protect Freedom of Speech in America

May 16, 2013

When we read biased or irrelevant reports in the mainstream media, sometimes we wonder, “Who’s watching the watchdogs?” Well now we know—Big Government is!

Last week’s breaking news revealed that the Department of Justice secretly seized private and personal phone records of Associated Press reporters. At the same time, we learned that IRS bureaucrats were deliberately targeting and harassing conservative groups such as Tea Party, Patriot, and Jewish groups. Now we just uncovered that the White House and IRS are paying close attention to our professional reporters over at Watchdog.org.  Read more here.

If the government can silence whistleblowers, uncover secret sources, and harass those who disagree with their political point of view, then how can they be held accountable?  We need YOUR help to ensure that our system of checks and balances remains in place.

Please consider taking action in one of the following areas:
1. Expose the TRUTH. Talk to a tea party or Jewish group in your area about their dealings with the IRS. Ask them for e-mail and phone records. Get names, dates, and quotes to back up your story. E-mail us and we’ll publish it on Watchdog Wire.

2. Get Local.  Read this article by our citizen journalist Lea Sylvester who wrote about an Alabama Tea Party group in her community that received pushback from the IRS. You can do this too!  Start researching and reaching out to groups in your local area, and report back to Watchdog Wire.

3. Support our cause.  Pitch in $5, $10, or $15 to help us continue our commitment to Watchdog Journalism, and train citizens like you to keep a watchful eye on government.

Thank you for helping us protect Freedom of Speech in America.

In Liberty,

Erik Telford
Vice President, Franklin Center

P.S. We must ensure that Freedom of the Press is upheld and respected in our great Republic. Help support our mission today.

Erik Telford

Erik Telford is the Senior Vice President of The Franklin Center. Twitter: @BlameTelford

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