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In Case You Missed It: #WDWTU With Mallory Factor on Union Power

Did you miss today’s tweet-up with Mallory Factor, author of Shadowbosses? If you did, you missed a lot! Here’s a recap of what Mallory told citizens this afternoon:

We started by laying out the basic structure unions use to seize and keep power in local governments:

We discussed education, where powerful teachers’ unions are trying to get a stranglehold on what our children learn:

Mallory gave us a few great tips on messaging to union workers and others who might be sympathetic to Big Labor. First, mention how undemocratic unions are:

Follow the money to point out the hypocrisy of some public-sector unions. It sounds like they’re more interested in lining their pockets than fighting for the little guy:

While you’re scanning public records to investigate unions, check out what they’re spending their money on. In addition to big paydays for bosses, unions spend on liberal political causes:

Another pro tip: Connect the dots between legislation and unions. Labor-backed politicians like to write laws friendly to specific unions:

Many states have right-to-work laws protecting workers’ freedom. But unions exploit loopholes in these laws to remain in power:

Unions also have big plans for Obamacare:

But there’s hope. Several states are leading the way in fighting for workers’ rights:

Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at

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