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Republican Study Committee Launches Twitter Town Hall Series

They have their roots in colonial America, but town hall meetings have officially reached the 21st century.

The Twitter town hall is a relatively new phenomenon that rose to prominence during the 2012 campaign when President Obama took questions from the public on Twitter. Republicans have gotten on board as well, with the Republican Study Committee (RSC) as the most recent example.

On Wednesday, June 12 and Thursday, June 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m ET,  the RSC will be taking YOUR questions on Twitter. Using the #AskRSC hashtag, citizens can submit their questions to any of the more than 170 members of the conservative legislative caucus.

The Wednesday session will focus on job creation and restoring the American economy. On Thursday, Representatives will take your questions on the recent IRS scandal and the implementation of ObamaCare.

How will this Twitter Town Hall work?

People participating in the #AskRSC Twitter Town Hall meeting should tweet and respond using the #AskRSC hash tag.  Throughout each day of the Twitter town hall, the @RepublicanStudy will be reminding the public to join in on the conversation.  For example:

RSC: Conservatives in the U.S. House & @RepublicanStudy will take your questions today using #AskRSC from 11am-3pm ET. Join the conversation!

Participant A: @RepublicanStudy @MemberXYC Do you believe the #IRS should be in charge of the implementation of #Obamacare? #AskRSC

Be sure to include all responses with a character before the @ sign when responding, as to display your response to all of twitter and not just your followers.  This will help expand the #AskRSC conversation and drive more traffic to your Twitter handle. 

How can citizens take advantage of this opportunity?

As citizens, you have a responsibility to hold your leaders accountable. This is an excellent opportunity to ask a Representative a question about a pressing issue in our nation. Check out this link to find RSC members in your state.

Prior to asking your question, you might want to research ObamaCare exchanges in your state or groups that were targeted by the IRS. Think locally! Though the RSC is a national organization, its members come from all across the country. Speak up to make sure issues that matter to your state are discussed.

You can also use your Twitter experience to take part in our bi-weekly tweet-ups. Last week, we spoke with author Mallory Factor about unions. Check out the recap of that tweet-up here.

Know of any other opportunities for citizen watchdogs to use Twitter? Let us know at info@watchdogwire.com.

Tweet away, watchdogs!

Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib is the Assistant Editor of Watchdog Wire. Twitter: @joshkaib

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