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How powerful are unions? Ask Mallory Factor. In our latest Watchdog Wire Tweet-Up, we asked Mallory for tips on how citizens can stand up to Big Labor and shine some sunlight on their big government cronyism.


The ongoing IRS scandal has raised understandable concern and anger at the overreach of our federal government. Josh Kaib has the story on the eloquent congressional testimony given by Karen Kenney of one targeted California Tea Party group.


An exclusive story from Jen Raiffie details an email exchange with Adam’s County Commissioner Eva Henry and a former supporter who was concerned about the county board’s decision to implement a free speech zone outside of a public hearing.


In a chilling story from Gina Rinckey, a FOIA request and review of media reports reveals abortionist Dr. Robert Alexander’s shady history as a licensed medical practitioner.


Thomas Mitchell writes about the subjection of one Nevadan family’s property rights to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s power to order changes to their land without their consent.


Continuing an ongoing series, Jim Parks writes about the two trials of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales and Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan. To read the rest of the stories in this series, click here.

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  1. GA: Augusta approves $2.8 million for broke Hyde Park project
  2. In Wichita, not much notice of a public hearing
  3. ACLU and NAACP suing Ferguson School District for having ‘Unfair’ election practices
  4. Congress ended the federal ban on medical marijuana
  5. In Wichita, the need for campaign finance reform


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