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Wed. June 19: Tweet-Up with James O’Keefe!

James O’Keefe took on the mainstream media with his guerrilla investigations into ACORN, Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio and Medicaid (just to name a few).

Now, he’s taking the publishing world by storm with his new book, BREAKTHROUGH: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy

Join the staff Watchdog Wire, a project of The Franklin Center, for an exclusive tweet-up with O’Keefe, where you can ask him about his investigations, book, and advice for citizen journalists. We recently interviewed James about his book, and you can find that Q&A here.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 12-1pm ET
  • WHERE: Twitter.com or your Twitter app, using the hashtag #WDWTU
  • WHO: You, James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII), and Watchdog Wire.
  • WHAT: A conversation with the author of Breakthrough.
  • WHY: As a journalist and filmmaker, James O’Keefe has a lot to teach citizen journalists.

Breakthrough Cover Art 04.11.13Now to the HOW part… During a tweet-up, an organization or a person (in this case, @WatchdogWire) promotes a specific Twitter hashtag (ours will be #WDWTU for “Watchdog Wire tweet-up”), and schedules a time to meet on Twitter. Typically, there is a moderator and a guest who engage in a Q&A session for everyone to see. You can simply observe the conversation or choose to join in and ask a question. Think of this as a virtual town hall with James!

Just make sure you include #WDWTU in each of your tweets during the conversation so that we will see them. We don’t want to miss you! Also, you may want to take a moment and follow us at @WatchdogWire and your fellow watchdogs tweeting with #WDWTU — it’s always great to grow your network with like-minded individuals.

All you need to know are three simple steps:
1. Go to www.Twitter.com.

2. Log in to your Twitter account (or sign up for an account if it’s your first time)

3. Type #WDWTU in the search bar at the top.

If you need assistance setting up a Twitter account before our first tweet-up, please email info@watchdogwire.com by 9am ET Wednesday. Be sure to include your phone number with area code, and someone will contact you to help.

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter on Wednesday, June 19 at 12pm ET!!!

Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib is the Assistant Editor of Watchdog Wire. Twitter: @joshkaib

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