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Community Organizing for Today’s World

I’m often asked for help. I thrive on giving it. I’m a connector.

When my children were young, I was the person asking the tough questions at a school, organizing a parent information night, sending out  agendas to others that couldn’t make it, and forever on the phone informing.  Today we live tweet, have Facebook groups, and can text in questions if we are held up at work.

I was once fired from a board appointment for asking too many questions, making waves, and letting others know what the tough issues were. I was immediately reappointed to the same board by another school official. I was given an award and the boot that same year for the same voluntary position. Success! We take off work, spent our money on stamps, copies, and go over our cell minutes.

Do you know where the best place is for a late night meal?  How about that former local bureaucrat that was finally fired for ‘embezzling’ or was someone’s contract not renewed but no charges brought… a quiet misuse of funds swept under the rug. Can you help organize the block party or subdivision garage sale? Town Criers are busy bees.

How can we be more effective in our mission to save the world?


  • Pay attention to the upcoming budget plans.

  • See and share what is on the docket for the next committee hearings.

  • Get others involved in our networks.

  • Email out the minutes of a hearing.

  • Create a facebook event to draw people to attend an important school board meeting.

  • Video-tape an out of control official.

  • Educate others about the ramifications of a new ordinance or tax

These are all ways you can share your knowledge and bring to light shady behavior.

 Use our free resources to make you a better Watchdog Town Crier.

Need help setting up a facebook event to get your program out? Having trouble finding out the details of a contract bid or closed door meeting? Want help setting up a newsletter or, contact group or simple email list? Are you on twitter but have few followers? Learn the features of your cell phone and be ready to take pictures and video and how to upload them!  Contact me to help you.


Christine McCoy

Chris is the Training and Outreach Manager for the Citizen Watchdog Team. She loves an open, limited, and free market based government and works in her spare time to make it that way.

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