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Opinion: Why You Shouldn’t Be Celebrating the EPA’s New Carbon Rules

From Alabama Citizens for Media Accountability (ACMA):

The Montgomery Advertiser published an op-ed this weekend written by a Pulitzer Prize winning professor from the University of Georgia titled Climate Change Deniers Push Back on Environmental Rules. 

It is full of the same propaganda we expect to see from leftists defending Obama’s new rules proposed by the EPA that will require carbon emissions to be cut by 30% in the next fifteen years.

The article really contains every cliche in the book: it attempts to paint conservatives as anti-science, it contains inflated and misleading statistics, it celebrates Obama’s boldness in the face of big spending lobbyists, and it warns of the coming flood to Mobile.

Through executive action, Obama has instituted a new set of rules that he couldn’t dream of getting through Congress. The Montgomery Advertiser article and many like it have been published in the last few days following the release of Obama’s new rule proposal, but it really leads us here at ACMA to wonder, do liberals realize the ramifications of Obama’s breach of the democratic process?

Throughout the last five years of the Obama administration we’ve heard a common chorus coming from the right, lamenting the biased media coverage that seems to give the President a pass for every misstep he’s taken and every scandal he’s caused: “I can only imagine what the press would be saying if it was a Republican”

ACMA has begun to wonder if the left realizes the precedent they are setting up for the next President, whatever party he or she may be.

Obama’s usage of ‘pen and phone’ to accomplish his ideological goals undermines both the spirit and the letter of our Constitutional Republic.

Indeed, what would the press be saying if a Republican had used executive action to institute policy that would wreak havoc on middle and lower-class Americans?

The left must have no recollection of the years 2000-2008, and the constant cacophony of calls for Bush’s impeachment and the constant ridicule he received from comedians and ‘professional’ broadcasters alike, for as much as Dems like to complain about conservative criticism of the Obama administration.

Despite what Obama’s propaganda machine is saying, the new rules are going to drastically increase the price of electricity, cost thousands of jobs in the energy sector, and put America’s economy at a disadvantage.

Even those who buy into the left’s war on coal and would love to see our emissions cut by 30 percent or more should not be celebrating these new rules. They too will be seeing their electricity bills and prices of consumer goods increase, but that is only the beginning of the damage. Even the most ardent global warming alarmist should be, well, alarmed by the precedent being set by the Obama administration.

The entire purpose of the American Revolution, and the writing of the Constitution a few years later, was to limit the power of a centralized government. Has the left completely lost sight of this noble goal, or are they purposefully moving us away from it?

A version of the post originally appeared at Alabama Citizens for Media Accountability.

Elizabeth Beshears

Elizabeth BeShears is the Executive Director of Alabama Citizens for Media Accountability, a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing left-wing bias in the Alabama and national media. Twitter: @LizEBeesh

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