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Book Review: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

American Betrayal: the Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Diana West – St. Martin’s Press, New York, 2013, 403 pp.

“Sometime in 1934, two men got off separate trains at Union Station in Washington, D.C. They had arrived in the nation’s capitol to fight on different sides of a war. It was a war few Americans knew, or even now know, was raging all around the capitol. One man, in his early thirties, had come to expand the reach of the secret Communist apparatus already entrenched inside the U. S. Government. The other man, age sixty, had come to expose it. The name of the younger man was Whittaker Chambers. Later, he would become the most famous ex-Communist to bear witness to the conspiracy he had served. The older man, William A. Wirt, would die in obscurity.”

Betrayal bookDiana West takes us on a journey through America’s betrayal by Communist infiltrators into the U.S. government during the New Deal and World War II.

Her well-researched presentation, which reads more like a spy novel than history book, goes against much of what we have been taught in school about the history of the FDR Administration.

It also raises questions about some of our actions in World War II. Why was there so much emphasis on the Lend-Lease Act? Could we have ended the war years earlier by working with Admiral Canaris? Was the invasion of France necessary?

Would advancing from the South as Churchill wanted been a better move? Who drove those decisions? With much of our documentation from WWII still classified, we might not know for sure, but Ms. West provides a believable and well-documented explanation for the strategy shift.

One of the primary characters in her story is Harry Hopkins, the gatekeeper for FDR and a Russophile. His influences over FDR are well-documented by recently declassified Russian documents.

pufbkr7While Mr. Hopkins lived in the White House, nothing reached FDR’s desk without review unless Mr. Hopkins gave it a seal of approval, and no one was appointed to a critical position without his approval. One might question who was actually the President.

Could this type of influence happen again? All of us should keep track of the primary influences on the President or else what Ms. West describes certainly could happen today.  This is one of those thought-provoking books that needs to be read.

Diana West is the author of The Death of the Grown-Up and coauthor of Shariah: The Threat to America. West’s essays have appeared in numerous publications, and her weekly newspaper column is syndicated by Universal Uclick. She is the Washington correspondent for Dispatch International.

Philip Bernhardt

Retired US Navy Master Chief Petty Officer -Submarine Service. Adjunct professor of Accounting. Retired university administrator. Retired from all other jobs except teaching and writing. My time is mine, if it's okay with my wife. We have two boys, one girl, two grand girls, and a Scottish Terrier. We live in Virginia Beach, two miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

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