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It’s August Recess: Ask Your Question and Demand Answers!

Your Congressional Representatives and Senators are coming home for the August Recess, and many of them will be holding town hall meetings.

With the 2014 election heating up, and hot issues like immigration at the fore, both elected officials and the candidates looking to replace them will be going to you, the public, to seek your support.

During the August Recess, we are asking citizens all across America:

What question would you like to ask?

If you were to attend a town hall with your Representative, Senator, or a prospective candidate, what would you ask? Let us know, and we'll feature some of the best questions on Watchdog Wire. If you question is for a specific politician, include that below.


Ready to go a step further? Attend a town hall and enter our August Recess Video Contest.

Here are the basics about our contest:

Video subject matter is open-ended:

 Here are some ideas and angles to consider:

  • Interview attendees on video. Are there any interesting people or groups attending the event?
  • Prepare tough questions ahead of time for your representatives and ask them on video.
  • Is there anything interesting happening outside of the event? Are there protesters or controversial signs?
  • Is there a Q and A session or a time for audience interaction? If so, film the questions and how the representatives respond.

Contest Rules for Engagement:

  • Participants will NOT be judged on their video editing skills or filming expertise. Videos will be judged based on originality and substance.
  • Participants are responsible for finding out where and when their representatives are holding events. Do an online search or call up your official’s office. The Watchdog Wire team will offer assistance as needed.
  • Participants can submit more than one video throughout the contest.
  • The suggested time limit for video submissions is 2-3 minutes. Editing assistance for time length is available as needed.
  • The contest will end August 31, 2014.

Click here for more info about our August Recess Video Contest.

The Watchdog Wire team is here to help you throughout the August Recess. We’ve prepared a video tipsheet and video webinar to give you the knowledge to take impactful video at local events.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@watchdogwire.com.

The August recess is an important time where citizens can hold their political leaders accountable. With video, you can hold their feet to the fire as a citizen journalist!

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