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Movie Review: Blue

Movie: BLUE

Director/Production Company: Jeffrey D. King/Broken Hints Media

Release Date: March 2014

Runtime: 58 minutes


“Right now with all the environmental regulations, I realized that they were doing the same things here that I experienced in Cuba. That is what woke me up. I don’t want you to go through the deprivation of freedom. It is very painful and once you lose it, it is very hard to regain. It is a precious thing.”

Nina Pellegrini, Founder of Californians for Property Rights, a Cuban refugee


If you are feeling sad and blue about the green movement, hopefully reading this review will make you happy and BLUE.

J.D. King’s new documentary DVD, BLUE offers a fresh vision to give us hope.

King., a 23 year old independent filmmaker specializing in socio-environmental documentaries, was home-schooled through high school and holds a B.A. degree in Business Management from Thomas Edison State College.

King’s inspiration for the film comes from his love for the outdoors.  He grew up on a ranch in a beautiful valley in Western Montana.

During a recent radio interview with Crosstalk America, he stated that he “wants the most beautiful and thriving planet man has ever seen.” As a Christian, he believes this is for “the beauty of humanity and the glory of God.”

BLUE is an acronym for Beautify-Liberate-Utilize-Enjoy. During the film, King explains how he thinks we can achieve these goals.

The film opens with a rural landscape while King talks with scientists, an ecologist, freedom activists, and an Indian Christian philosopher, who all explain their objections to the green movement’s claims concerning environmental crises.

He also speaks with private property-owners and business owners who have experienced loss or devastation due to environmental overreach. All who were interviewed believe that the green movement’s philosophy is “anti-human, anti-freedom and anti-science.” They do not hesitate to tell you why.

The interviews are brief, but the facts are easy to digest and retain for those who would like to do their own investigation of the topic.

BLUE offers practical positive recommendations through its many interviews. They are certain that their solutions will work if we return to our nation’s founding principles and to the free market/free enterprise system that made the U.S. the greatest nation on earth more than any other known civilization. These principles are universal. They can work for other nations to bring them health and prosperity.

BLUE is as refreshing as a cup of cold water from a non-polluted mountain stream. Its hopeful message arrives just in time to revitalize the battle-weary. BLUE will inspire those who are new to the subject as well. It is encouraging to the older activists to see young faces bring a thoughtful, intelligent perspective which, hopefully, will catch on with his generation.

I won’t be a “spoiler” and give away the ending, but let’s just say that J.D. King brings us to the conclusion that “anti-green” negativity is not the answer.  Instead, let’s be for something. If you want to know what the something is, watch BLUE. It will color your world.

To obtain a copy of the documentary ‘BLUE’, go to www.bluebeatsgreen.com or www.amazon.com.  BLUE is also is available through two organizations whose founders were featured in the film: Cornwall Alliance and Freedom Advocates.

Wynne Coleman

Wynne is an activist and researcher in support of the U.S. Constitution. She assists her husband in teaching a free 12-week Consitution course. Since 1992, she has been exposing the dangers of Agenda 21-Sustainable Development and other issues that undermine the U.S. Constitution. She was appointed by the Wake County Commissioners to represent the Wake County Taxpayers Association on the Wake County Sustainability Task Force in 2010-2011.

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