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REVIEW: The Alphabet Games “The Numinous Protocol”

President Obama recently stated he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS. The president has no strategy because he ordered our military and intelligence operatives out of Iraq, leaving the US with negligible intelligence capabilities in Iraq.

Whether operating within the murky boundaries of the Cold War, or preparing to launch a “shock and awe” invasion, Birgit von Schondorf explains why intelligence is the primary component of a winning strategy in The Alphabet Games “The Numinous Protocol”.

What is the troop strength, skill, and weaponry, of your enemy? How much support do they have from the local population? The Alphabet Games follows a Central Intelligence Agency agent as he conducts clandestine operations to answer these questions.

The Alphabet Games details the actual operations of US intelligence agents in a down-to-earth non-politically correct style. It is refreshing to read the blunt truth about “exotic” places, totalitarian regimes, and native peoples.

There are two heroes in this fact-based story: CIA agent Penn Adams and his agency colleague, Aria McConnell. Their relationship is the catalyst for the book, and as their friendship deepens, they reach a mutual understanding of their missions and learn to deal with the waves of hope, despair, and terror that most covert operations produce.

While conducting clandestine operations, agents are offered a daily smorgasbord of deathly options such as poison, bullets, stabbings, being run over, car bombs, and the ever-popular suicide bomber.

The Alphabet Games “The Numinous Protocol” is an entertaining read that explains why human intelligence is highly valued, and why it takes years to build up a successful intelligence network. Von Schondorf reminds us that U.S. clandestine operations are planned and implemented by teams of people with a love of liberty, and the knowledge that American exceptionalism is as concrete and significant as the Washington monument.

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