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The Giver’s Life-Affirming Message

All life is precious

September 24, 2014

On a crisp, fall afternoon, I went to the movie theater with my family. After my lengthy testament to its pro-life message, we decided on seeing The Giver. Before I saw the movie, I read the book and was quite impressed with it. And, from a reader’s perspective, I can say that the movie was confined to the original plot of the book.

As The Giver progressed, we see Jonas (the main character) struggle with a feeling of displacement. He felt different from everyone else in his community and (*spoiler alert*) he is later revealed to have a knowledge beyond conventional comprehension.

Jonas is unique in that he can see color, while everyone else in his community sees white, grey, and black (I read a local review that thought the lack of color represented our culture’s moral ambiguity). As the culture’s morals start to blend into shades of grey, those that have a value of life instilled in them will see colors vibrantly.

As this community’s morals blurred together into an ambiguous monster where political correctness remained sovereign, babies were being killed. Children in Jonas’ community that did not achieve the government’s weight requirement were murdered.

For me, this part of the film represented the viability argument. When pro-abortion activists claim that the baby isn’t “human enough,” their logic reflects that of the community members who killed the “unfit.”

The truth Jonas uncovered is that a human is always a human. Whether they are 5 oz. under the weight requirement, or 5 months away from birth, a human is always a human.

Jonas risked his life to save one of these babies who didn’t meet the goal. He trekked through desert and mountainous regions to save just one life. Due to his ability to see beyond what others in his community couldn’t see, he was able to save much more than just this child’s life and even brought moral truth and freedom back to his world.

I strongly encourage anyone 13 and up to see this film. The Giver is a strong affirmation to the value of all life and it showed the importance of standing up for the voiceless.

Featured image: Shutterstock.com 

Crissy Gillette

Crissy is 15-years-old and an intern journalist for Students for Life of Michigan. She lives in Troy. More about how she came to be an activist: http://ow.ly/B588m

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