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Exclusive Webinar: Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses new book on presidential power

President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration have reminded Americans of what’s at stake. Can a president unilaterally make law? Should he go around Congress to get something done? What does our Constitution say about all this?

With each executive order and presidential power grab, our civil liberties–what’s left of them–are eroded.


Perhaps no one is more outspoken against this phenomenon than Judge Andrew Napolitano. You know him as Fox News Channel’s Senior Judicial Analyst, and on Monday, December  1 at 2 PM ET, you’ll get to know him a little more.

Join Watchdog Wire for our exclusive webinar with the Judge. He’ll talk about his new book, Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American LibertyYou won’t want to miss this rare chance to have the judge answer your questions.

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WHO: Judge Andrew Napolitano, Watchdog Wire, and you!

WHEN: Monday, December 1 from 2-2:30 PM ET

WHERE: Right on your computer

WHAT: A conversation about the expansion of executive power in the federal government



Categories: Waste, Fraud and Abuse


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