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NY Police Officer: “I will refuse to enforce the SAFE Act”

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY— City of Poughkeepsie Police Officer Tony Morronè interviews with New York Revolution about the state of affairs in New York and the country. He shares his opinion and experience with the NY SAFE Act (00:08:13):

As a police officer, I don’t see one good thing that’s come out of the SAFE Act. In this city, we deal with a lot of violent crimes, there’s a lot of gun crimes. Not once has the SAFE Act done anything to prevent any of these awful things from happening. And in fact, the way I see it, all it does is attack the good people of this country and state. It just further goes after our rights.

What I’ve always said is that I wasn’t always a cop, and I’m not always going to be a cop, so I look at it as I’m a citizen first, I’m an American first, and that’s where I stand.

If I find myself in a position where there’s a SAFE Act violation, I’m telling you right now I’m going to refuse to enforce that.”

Video submitted by Mert Melfa

Categories: Courts & Law, Gun Rights, Opinion, Policy, Regulation, Video


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