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CO: NDAA Nullification Bill Killed Yesterday

Colorado Representative Cheri Gerou (R-Jefferson) cast the deciding vote against House Bill 13-1045. The bill, sponsored by Representative Jared Wright (R- Mesa/Delta) who is a former police officer, would have nullified portions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The NDAA is an annual act passed by the U.S. Congress which primarily specifies budget and expenditures for the U.S. Department of Defense.  The most controversial provisions received wide attention in 2012 and are contained in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled “Counter-Terrorism.” In particular, sub-sections 1021 and 1022, which deal with detention (without due process) of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism.

A Republican voting against a bill defending our right to habeas corpus and in favor of warrantless arrest and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens with no recourse to the courts is astonishing, especially since the Republican party claims to be “the party of the Constitution.”

The Colorado legislature is also slated to vote on Senate Bill 13-013, another Republican-sponsored bill which gives Secret Service local authority to arrest and detain citizens inside Colorado borders.  Wright’s bill  would have nullified such actions in Colorado if it were not for his fellow Republican, Cheri Gerou. The vote was captured here:

Representative Wright posted this on Facebook:

I am disappointed that we have failed today in Colorado to adopt policy that blocks the federal government from indefinitely detaining US Citizens under federal law in the 2001 AUMF and the 2012 and 2013 National Defense Authorization Acts. Policy analysts, intellects, reporters, Constitutional lawyers, citizens and even the President himself have echoed concerns with these federal laws and the potential for future abuse of our civil rights.

The same legislation that passed the Michigan House 107-0 and Virginia nearly unanimously died today on the Colorado House floor 33-32 in a bipartisan vote.

Unlike Representative Wright, some Colorado lawmakers, including a fellow Republican, were unwilling to stand up for the Constitution against the federal government’s overreach.

Jen Raiffie

Jen Raiffie is the 3rd Vice Chair for Adams County GOP, newly elected to the Mapleton School Board and Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB). She runs a blog called Spotlight On Corruption, and is the co-founder of a video tracking group called "Chicks With Cameraz." Follow Jen on twitter @jraiffie and @spotcorruption. Jen's contributions do not reflect that of Mapleton Schools, CASB, or AdCo GOP. "Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it. Withdraw your sanction." -Rand

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