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A County Property Appraiser is not commenting on a new Facebook page that has thrown his office in the spotlight regarding property records and taxes.

Fourteen people from the Florida area, including a man who ran for Sheriff of Putnam County, have been arrested during a four-day undercover operation that targeted men and women soliciting sex or offering sexual favors in return for money through advertising on a social media website.

There’s still no clarity on whether an election that is already underway in some counties will be delayed because of the gerrymandered districts needing to be redrawn.

State regulators approved a solar program that will allow FPL customers to pay $9/month to help pay for solar projects, despite opposition unexpected opposition.

The Sarasota County School District website shows the School Board has been negotiating salaries and benefits with the Sarasota County Classified/Teachers Association. What you can’t find on the website is that all of these negotiations are open to the public.

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