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In a report received over the weekend from Dan Krassner, executive director of the watchdog group Integrity Florida, Historic City News was told that lawmakers should be praised for major ethics reforms in 2013 that require financial-disclosure reports be posted online. The reports represent an individual’s net worth on December 31, 2013; but still fail […]

When Albanese Enterprises attempted to become a “dancing entertainment establishment”, the City of Jacksonville refused to grant a zoning exception which they say will be required before he can operate a “bikini bar”.

Florida citizens and the State Surgeon General ask what’s being done about the influx of migrant minors who are coming into the country without medical screenings.

US Congressman, Ronald Dion DeSantis, thinks the President should start sending illegal immigrant children back to their home countries — as simple as that.

Amid environment concerns, Dan A. Hughes Company’s oil and gas drilling permits have been permanently revoked by the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

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