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Florida Professor Says Free Speech is not for ISLAM

On the heels of Muslim attacks on U.S. embassies across the Middle East, Jacksonville Human Rights Leader and University of North Florida (UNF) Professor of Finance, Parvez Ahmed wrote an apologetic article for the Tampa Bay Times in which he skillfully feigned condemnation, while at the same time making excuses for Muslim violence which culminated in attacks on Sovereign U.S. Soil and the murder of American officials.

Ahmed concluded with a challenge for a debate regarding constitutionally protected speech if it is offensive to Islam, as it is the catalyst for the Muslim violence.

Citing the fact “American courts have consistently held that shouting fire in a crowded theater, if there is no fire, exceeds the bounds of free speech”, Parvez Ahmed comparatively said “In an increasingly interdependent world where diverse populations are linked by social media and 24-hour news cycles, the extent to which defaming religion may be analogous to shouting fire in a crowded theater is a debate worth having.”

The argument falls flat when you consider the stark contrast between law condemning a criminal act perpetrated on a large confined audience which may inadvertently cause patrons to harm each other in an effort reach safety and the conscious choice of Islamic adherents resorting to violence and murder as a result of any speech critical of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, a Muslim, or Islam.

Parvez Ahmed states “[T]he Organization of Islamic cooperative (OIC) an international body composed primarily of 57 majority Muslim countries has been advocating for laws against the defamation of religion”.  By religion, the OIC means Islam.

This is a direct reference to UN Resolution 16/18 and the OIC “10 Year Plan” which has been quite successful in achieving many of their objectives to include getting the progressive left to normalize a term they coined “Islamophobia”, as well as their push to criminalize speech (factual or not) which Muslims find offensive in accordance with authoritative Islamic Law aka SHARIA.

P.J. Media broke a story on June 14th, 2011, showing SMOKING GUN documents, which clearly show member Nations of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in collusion with CAIR (a federally designated HAMAS entity), and former CAIR National Chairman Parvez Ahmed directly working together in violation of U.S. law (FARA Act) to apparently undermine the sovereignty of the United States in accordance with the (OIC) 10 year plan.

Parvez Ahmed and Ahmed Bedier were banned from conducting sensitivity training with the FDLE and FBI in 2009 as a direct result of CAIR being named a co-conspirator in the largest terrorism finance trial in U.S. history (U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation, 2008).  CAIR members were sentenced up to 65 years in prison, and the defense (to include CAIR) stipulated to the evidence entered by the prosecution.  CAIR subsequently petitioned the court, along with Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) to have their name removed from the list of co-conspirators; however, the Judge denied the petition citing “Ample Evidence.”   In 2006, when Congress denied the purchase of (6) U.S. ports by the UAE citing national security reasons, Parvez Ahmed (former National Chairman of CAIR), Nihad Awad (Co-founder of CAIR) , and Ibrahim Hooper (National Spokesman of CAIR), flew to Dubai to solicit funds to conduct P.R. work on their behalf, telling sheiks with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Do not think of your $50 million as a donation, but a rate of return on investment.  If we (CAIR) can build an Arab friendly environment in America, you (Sheiks) can buy up Billions in Key U.S. assets over the next fifty years”  Parvez Ahmed Speaking to Foreign Ministers Dubai ARAB press 2006.

Parvez Ahmed’s direct predecessor Omar Ahmad  (Co-founder of CAIR) was scheduled to be tried in the second round of prosecutions in April, 2010.  Unfortunately, Eric Holder quashed further proceedings despite objections from the original prosecutor, mountains of evidence, and the successful convictions of all (5) initial defendants on 108 counts.

The only question remaining…why is the Tampa Bay Times and the Jacksonville city government lending credibility to this subversive individual who appears to be continuing to further the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America as laid out in “The Project” as recently documented by the Blaze?

Randy McDaniels

Former United States Marine who occupational specialty was in Operation and later Counter Intelligence. Served 6 years before being honoraby discharged. A Chapter Leader for ACT! for America and Mentor for the South East. American by the grace of God, Christian by Choice, and Patriotic Warrior by necessity.

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