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Voter Fraud Alert: Interview with a Whistleblower

Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, Broward County, FL Supervisor of Elections

Interview with Christine Timmon, Pro-Se Attorney and Evit Operator for the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Under Dr. Brenda C. Snipes.

Christine Timmons, Pro-Se attorney, has been involved in politics for many years. In our interview she mentioned that she worked closely with a bipartisan committee and helped formulate welfare reform under the Clinton presidency.

A woman of color, she has been an outspoken voice for minorities and has interfaced with many politicians, including Congressman John Kasich. Christine recently appeared with Tom Trento on  WNN 1470 and has spoken on voter fraud issues. Christine is now a whistle-blower for exposing voter “improprieties” at the Broward County, Florida Supervisor of Elections Office.

Question: Christine, you were employed by the Broward County, Florida Supervisor of Elections (S.O.E.) during the recent election; what was your position and why were you terminated?

Christine: I was an Evict Operator and witnessed some unethical shenanigans taking place during early voting. First of all, the S.O.E. employees should refrain from assisting any voters. They were constantly pulling workers from the regular voting machines for voter assistance, when these people were not handicapped and did not need any help. I saw voters coming up in wheelchairs and they did not request assistance, why did these people need help?

Question: Who specifically was doing this? Who were the people they were assisting? What about the Republican Poll Watchers?

Christine: There were two people who were ready to assist. Francois, he was dignified, and he followed most of the rules. However, Yasmin, another worker, did not. I saw her hand actually on top of a voter’s hand marking off the ballot. This was done in the back, away from the poll watchers. I actually saw people gathered around her watching so they would know what to do. Dozens of Creoles were coming in, and my supervisor, Gladys, was assisting too. But the real problem was with the Appendix C, Declaration to Secure Assistance Form (Section 101.051 Florida Statue). I saw a stack of these forms that were not completed properly, they had a person’s first name, but not last, the date was missing, and not witnessed. One witness must be a Democrat, the other a Republican. Anything dated on or before Oct. 28th, 29th, 30th was not signed. The Creole’s, (Haitians) that needed assistance did not have their forms signed. It was strange because the other form, Declaration to Provide Assistance, was filled out correctly, why was this form incomplete?

Question: What specifically led to your firing?

Christine: Gladys Rhett, the site manager, was supposed to sign the Appendix C Form, Declaration to Secure Assistance, and she did not; then she handed me a stack of the forms to sign; (after the voters left). No one should be allowed to vote until the form was signed. I refused to sign them, because they were incomplete, the names were not filled in properly and were not witnessed by both parties. I could not sign my name to these; they are legal documents, and she wanted me to do something unethical.

Question: Especially because you are an attorney; this could have jeopardized your license; what did you do?

Christine: I refused to sign the documents and requested a break. I notified the Romney campaign of the problem. Apparently, word must have gotten out and I was fired for, “Partisan Politics.” I told my supervisor that I was not going to work in a place where fraud and illegality was taking place and I told one of the supervisors, Leslie, about the forms and the fraud. Gladys was also fired, but later hired back. I was re-hired later, too, because they needed help.

Question: What other irregularities did you witness, what about absentee ballots?

Christine: I did not work with absentee ballots; but they have ways of “taking care of them.”

Question: Can you explain this; how do they take care of them?

Christine: They can dispose of them. Look; these officials can easily check to see if the ballot is from a Republican or Democrat; they check the voter registrations. All of the staff has said there are ways to ditch them; it’s pretty common knowledge at the S.O.E.

Question: Was Dr. Brenda Snipes around, was she a witness to any of this?

Christine: No; I never saw her at my site at the Main Library; she left the operation to her supervisors and underlings.

Question: What other problems did you encounter with the voting process?

Christine: In training we were told that we would have more scanning equipment at our location at the Main Library on Andrews Ave. and we ended up with only two scanners, (that scans the driver’s licenses), and only two BOD’s, (ballot on demand machines that print out the ballots), and only one VST, (voter tabulation machines, the final scanner for ballots.)

Question: How many machines did you expect to have?

Christine: The number of machines was grossly incompetent for a general election. The voters should not have waited in long lines, plus two machines broke down and a
technician had to be called to repair them. The Plumber’s Union polling facility, south of our headquarters, had five machines. Each site should have had this amount of machines. I heard from the staff that there were more machines, but they were in storage.

Question: Why do you think they were left in storage?

Christine: It looked as if it was part of Democrat partisan politics, to make Rick Scott, (Fl. Governor), look bad. Maybe then they could extend early voting longer for themselves. (An extension of Early Voting was requested by the Democrat Party, and turned down by Governor Scott.)

Question: Who would have authorized this, the intentional shortage of voting machines in Broward County?

Christine: I believe it came from the top of the Democrat party in Florida, maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but I can’t be certain. I believe it was intentional.

Question: Christine, you have witnessed a lot; thank you for this interview. How can this type of fraud be prevented in the future?

Christine: The state needs to mandate a minimum of five scanners, five BOD’s and three tabulation machines for each polling facility. The Supervisor of Elections Office must subcontract an independent body to provide assistance for voters that need help. There are many voters claiming they need assistance when they don’t; they just want to know how to vote; this has to be stopped in order to have free elections.

My interview with Christine Timmons certainly has raised many questions about voter fraud and irregularities in the Supervisor of Elections Office in Broward County, Florida. The violations that have taken place here and throughout this country are jeopardizing our free election process and must be investigated and prosecuted if necessary. The ramifications and the perpetuation of this kind of fraud and manipulation put every American’s vote at risk.

Voting fraud is nothing new and many books have been written about this, such as, “Who’s Counting,” by Hans Von Spakovsky and John Fund. Partisan politics, unfortunately, plays a big role in the final outcome of elections.

Ruth Roman

Ruth Roman is a freelance investigative writer, political analyst, and Blogger. She has appeared on radio for her investigative work, her articles have appeared in various news outlets. Ruth has a ten background in law enforcement, having worked for the State of Illinois Dept. of Corrections and the Justice Department U.S Bureau of Prisons. She is a Chicago Native, where she was a business owner and restaurateur. She can be contacted at: ruth430@att.net, Twitter: @lipstickpundit1

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