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Police Remove Congressman-Elect Grayson From Local Walmart For Union Agitating

Make It A Great Day!

November 26, 2012

In spite of the embarrassing antics on full display during his first term in Congress, the voters in Florida’s CD09 saw fit to send Alan Grayson back to Washington, D.C.

Naturally, the extreme elements of the far left supported Grayson’s return to office, but so too did many of our friends and neighbors. Perhaps even family members. He was also a recipient of overwhelming support from the Hispanic community, particularly those of Puerto Rican descent. And labor unions.

There’s no doubt he also received a fair share of votes from the disaffected and disengaged for the sheer entertainment value such a buffoon presents.

And Grayson wasted little time in making it clear that his second stint at playing a lawmaker will be no less mortifying than the first when he spent Thanksgiving night agitating Walmart workers on behalf of organized labor and disrupting the early start to Black Friday holiday shopping.

Union-backed groups OUR Walmart and Making Change at Wal-Mart were calling for an employee walkout during Black Friday.

In the typical theatrics that define the far left, our newly elected Congressman was handing out turkey sandwiches and letters explaining the right to organize to employees at a local Walmart, forcing management to call the police to have him escorted off the property.

One Walmart employee did walk off the job, although it’s not clear if this was staged beforehand.

How nice, huh? A fine representative of sleepy little Orlando… with one small exception, the only ones who appear to be sleeping in this town are conservatives.

It’s also worth noting that labor unions, primarily public sector unions, are the number one contributors to Grayson, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As for private sector unions, while the media continues to perpetuate the myth that they are still relevant, the truth is less than 7% of private sector employees are now union members.

Companies understand that unions put them at a competitive disadvantage and may even force them into bankruptcy in the never-ending quest to get more for their members, regardless of how poor a financial decision it may be for a company. Case in point, Hostess.

In fact, while there was a time in America that labor unions played an important role, it’s fair to question if they’ve outlived their usefulness in this country. Perhaps, more companies need to follow in the foot steps of Hostess to bring unions back to earth.  Something union leaders – individuals making six-figure salaries while forever pushing the class warfare narrative – fully understand, which is why there is so much emphasis on organizing in the public sector and giving the Democratic Party money hand over fist to help facilitate this growth.

Negotiating with government officials who have no bottom line and no competition is the best of all possible worlds for unions. And to top it all off, most of the government officials involved in the negotiations are Democrats. A real cycle of convenience.

Meanwhile, the statement “we get the government we deserve” proves to be ever so true. Just ask the folks in Osceola and SE Orange County.

Tom Tillison

Tom quickly established himself as an integral part of the tea party movement in Orlando. He's the original founder of the Central Florida Tea Party Council and Editor-In-Chief of the conservative news site Florida Political Press. He's known for his laid back style and intensity of opinion, which he prefers sharing in open parking lots with plenty of room to pontificate.

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