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Stand With Franklin Center: Support Freedom of the Press

As you know, the Citizen Watchdog team is committed to cutting-edge investigative journalism. We inherited this mission from our great parent organization, The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

And whenever you work to uncover backdoor deals and government corruption, someone will try to silence you – such is the calling of an investigative news organization committed to the TRUTH.   

Last week a lawsuit was filed against The Franklin Center’s professional reporting team at Watchdog.org for stories pursued in Virginia that exposed potential problems and questionable business dealings with a green energy company called GreenTech. 

What makes this story important is the close ties this company has with “former” chairman and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Terry McAuliffe and the fact that Hillary Clinton’s brother is also involved with this company.

The investigation obviously struck a nerve.  So much so, that attorneys for the Clinton/McAuliffe tied company are suing us for $85 Million. Yes you are reading that correctly …. $85 million.

They want to shut us up. But we will not be silenced. We will continue to report on this and any story that is important to the public.

Here’s how YOU can Stand With the Franklin Center and defend the freedom of the press:

1.    Sign the Stand With Franklin Center pledge and defend the freedom of the press. If they can silence us they can silence anyone who dares to oppose bigger government and crony capitalism and those who work to expose waste and corruption.

2.    Help keep our investigative efforts alive by giving $15, $20 or whatever you can afford. Because we are a non-profit, we depend upon generous donations from the public who share our core mission.

3.    Help us spread the word. We need to send the message that we will NOT be intimidated. We have the TRUTH on our side and facts to back up our story. For more information, see what Michelle Malkin is saying here. Also, please consider sharing this story with your friends.

Thanks for standing with the Franklin Center as we continue to write the tough stories that hold go untold. As citizen journalists, YOU are on the front lines of your community to help hold government accountable.

Here’s to being watchful.

Erik Telford

Erik Telford is the Senior Vice President of The Franklin Center. Twitter: @BlameTelford

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