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Breaking News: Florida Patriot Groups feel betrayed by Senator Rubio

Conservative organizations throughout Florida met in Orlando this weekend. After the meeting these patriot groups have united in withdrawing support from Senator Marco Rubio over a string of broken promises made to the American people regarding Immigration.

In an April 16, 2013 letter from the Senator to Florida Patriot Groups, he pledged to not support legislation that is rushed through Congress, does not truly and legitimately secure our borders or that leads to further illegal immigration in the future. In a “Dear Friends” letter Rubio states, “First, there is absolutely no truth to the idea that l will support any immigration legislation that is rushed through Congress in typical Washington fashion.”

“The current bill, current amendment and the rush to ram the bill through the Senate by week’s end violate this letter and  earlier public statements by the Senator,” says Pat Wayman from the Venice 912 Group. “This bill will forever be known as the Rubio Amnesty bill.

As a result, Patriot groups are withdrawing their support for Senator Rubio and demand that he walk away from this bill.

These Patriot Groups announce “Kill the Bill” week beginning on Monday, June 24, 2013.

Monday will be called “Bait and Switch Day” in honor of the ineffective and costly 1,000 plus page amendment to the bill allegedly to strengthen border security provisions of the bill.

Wayman notes, “It is apparent that the Senate intends to pass an amnesty-first bill at all costs and that the amendment is only to give the appearance of increased border security.  Given the fact that there is no enforcement of existing border security laws, Senator Rubio’s support of this last minute amendment further erodes the public’s trust in the Senator and erodes the public’s trust in the ability of the federal government to protect its citizens. ”

Wayman says, “On Monday, citizens are urged to call and email Senator Rubio and Senator Nelson urging them to kill this amendment.  Most importantly, they are urged to visit the Senator Rubio’s local office and deliver a signed ‘You have lost our trust and support, Kill the Bill!’ statement.”

In his letter Rubio declares, “I will not support anything that makes our immigration system worse, that does not truly and legitimately secure our borders, or that leads to further  immigration in the future.” The groups that received his letter do not believe him.

The Text of the April 16, 2013 Letter from Senator Marco Rubio to Patriot Groups may be viewed here.

UPDATE: Senator Rubio sent a second letter to Florida patriot groups which may be read here.


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