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CAIR indoctrinating Florida students using state approved English textbook

Ihsan Bagby, a National Board Member of the controversial Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), stated, [i]“Ultimately we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country… because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country”,  has gained access to our children via a state approved English textbook.

The textbook, “Elements in Literature” props up Professor Bagby as a cultural expert on Islam, whose talking points seem consistent with Ibrahim Hooper’s CAIR’s National Spokesman’s stated goal of using our education system to indoctrinate America’s youth.

             [ii]“I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, but I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.”

Islamic bias in public school textbooks has been well documented, two leading reports one by Citizens For National Security (CFNS) and the second by ACT! for America are of note.  However, the methodology used in “Elements of Literature” is more disturbing in light of the ease in which students and frankly adult readers are compelled to buy the lies.

The CFNS report cites over 200 false or misleading excerpts in (27) twenty seven of Florida’s approved History and Social Studies textbooks, and ACT for America report, a product of an exhaustive two year study on (38) of the most prominent textbooks used nationwide obtaining similar findings.

A (5) year study by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research title “The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion.”  revealed a consistent pattern which favored Islam at the expense of Judaism and Christianity.  Some textbooks went as far as stating “Jesus was a Palestinian” rather than a Jewish Rabbi and that Muslim’s and not Christopher Columbus discovered America.

The textbook in question, “Elements in Literature” fourth course by Holt, Rinehart and Winston (ISBN 10:0- 03-099302-4) is currently being used by Hilliard Middle-High School in Nassau County, Florida and is approved statewide.

English text page 1 islamic indoc

For a larger view click on the image.

The lesson is based on an article “Islam in America” by Patricia Smith of the New York Times.  A concerned school employee, who requested anonymity, brought the textbook to the local ACT! for America – Jacksonville Chapter for review after reading the article.

CAIR influencing our children is no small matter … it’s a big deal!  CAIR is not some benign Islamic group.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is a co-conspirator in the largest successfully prosecuted terrorism finance trial in U.S. History for their role in funded HAMAS, which resulted in CAIR leaders being sentenced up to 65 years in prison.  CAIR, subsequently petitioned the court to have the Co-Conspirator designation removed and were denied.  CAIR is a federally designated member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestine Committee.   Committee’s set up worldwide to support HAMAS and whose bylaws state members must abide by Sharia.

The lesson “Elements in Literature” portrays Sana Haq, a 17 year old Muslim girl as all-American, and then explains as an observant Muslim she prays five times per day, which makes her different.  Detailing how shopping for jeans could take a week to find a pair which meets her definition of “decent” and although she is not allowed to date, she has male friends.  Sana goes on to tell how Islam affects every aspect of her life, “If you ask me to describe myself in one word, that word would be Muslim” … “Not American, not Pakistani, not a teenager. Muslim.  It’s the most important thing to me.”

The next paragraph informs the students that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S., and estimates Muslim demographics in America between 1.5 and 9 Million.

It is interesting how the author or anyone could determine Islam as the fastest growing religion with such a wide guesstimate in regard to Muslim demographics?  Reflecting on this and the images chosen, the author knowingly or not promotes one Muslim Brotherhood agenda of exaggerating the size and political clout of the Islamic community in America.   More accurate estimates actually place the Muslim population in the U.S between 2.5 and 3.5 Million.

Sana by all appearances is Sharia compliant.  This is reinforced by her statement “I am Muslim” and “not American, not Pakistani, but Muslim”.  Sana is portrayed as a devout Muslim, as such; her allegiance must be to the Ummah (Islamic community/nation) and the supremacy of Islamic law and not the Constitution or man made law in accordance with Sharia.  Ihsan Bagby and Sana Haq seem to share this allegiance.

English text page 2 islamic indoc

For a larger view click on the image.

In contrast, students are given the impression Sana, is just like any other American, with the exception that as a Muslim, she is more “Modest” and “Decent” then most of her western friends, and she dresses this way by her own volition and not as a religious requirement.

The next section titled “Contrast with Europe” opens by praising the cultural advances

Muslims have made in America, their high voting record, and successful integration as opposed to their European counterparts who remain on the economic and political fringes, briefly mentioning that Muslims rioted in many French cities in 2005.

The author uses Dearborn, Michigan, (a city with one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in America) as her shining example of integration, and another human interest piece about a senior high football player giving a glowing detail about his requirement to fast during Ramadan.   Hassan ends with the statement “When you start your day off fasting…..At the end of the day you know you’ve work hard, you know you’ve been faithful….. After fasting all day, you feel like a warrior.”

Dearborn has become to a lesser extent an example of Islamic “integration” in America, and more of an example of the “Civilization Jihad” as laid out by CAIR’s parent the Muslim Brotherhood in Muhammad Akrams Memorandum “The Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”.

English text page 4 islamic indocIt is important to note that the City of Dearborn was recently embarrassed for a second time, when it lost a lawsuit as a result of unconstitutional actions taken by Dearborn police at Arab Fest to silence Christian citizens.  The incidents were caught on video with “integrated” Arab/Muslim crowds cheering the silencing of Christians, and the violation of their Constitutional rights.  Last years Arab Fest was complete with stoning of Christians.

The final offensive section the “Impact of 9/11” is a tired restatement of Muslim victimhood following the 9/11 attack by Muslims . Bagby states “September 11 exposed American Muslims for the first time to a large degree of hostility.” And later that “Many young Muslims spend a lot of time correcting common “Misperceptions.”

Not once does Bagby ever offer the idea that is might be up to Muslims to offer the olive branch since it was their co-religionists who attacked America, murdered over 3000 and caused so much destruction. Not one word by Bagby about the daily global violence caused in the name of Allah. No…it is Americans who have offended and persecuted Muslims.

Professor Bagby, in the lesson, uses truth, partial truth (Islamic doctrine of Kitman), and deception (Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya/holy deception) to lead the child to the conclusion Muslims in America are greatly persecuted and misunderstood by Americans.

Now the facts regarding hate crimes and prejudice in America:

While it is true there was a increase in hate crimes in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, American’s as a whole were cautious not to offend Islam or Muslims, as demonstrated  in speeches by President Bush and other leaders, yet there is no discussion of this?

According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Muslims and Christians are almost equivalent, ranging between 4-9%. On the other hand, hate crimes against Jews,  range from 66-71.8% each year since 9/11.   “Elements in Literature” leaves the impression that Muslims are a victim class, despite the fact Jews, lesbians, gays, and Caucasian males, have higher rates of hate crimes perpetrated against them each year.

In the lesson, Bagby emphatically tells our children, “Muslims do not condone terrorism.”  This statement is not only misleading, but quite deceptive to non-Muslims who believe they are hearing the word of a moderate Muslim.

The reality is quite the opposite.  In accordance with authoritative Islamic Doctrine “Terrorism” is the UNJUST killing of a MUSLIM only and does not apply to non-Muslims to include those killed on 911.  Justified reasons for the Islamic Community to kill a fellow Muslim would include Apostasy or homosexuality.

The lesson states that Islam offers women equality, but this flies in the face of the facts.

Islam and Sharia recognizes no equality between religion, gender, nor Muslim and non-Muslim. In regard to Muslim women; inheritance ½ that of a Muslim male, testimony in court is ½ that of a Muslim male, husbands may divorce by simply saying “I divorce you” three times and he is entitled to all property and children, while a woman must petition the court for a divorce which is seldom granted unless the husband agrees to grant the divorce and a Husband may rape and beat his wife if she refused to submit and more…all in accordance with Sharia/Islamic law derived from the Noble Koran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

The Islamic doctrine of Daw’ah or outreach is a one way street, one which has made Americas classrooms a very dangerous place.   Consider the following questions:

How is it that Shabbir Mansouri, head of the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) which recently changed its name to the Institute on Religion and Civic Values (IRCV) to help camouflage its true nature and stated he was “waging a Bloodless Revolution… promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s Public Schools.”… is responsible for providing Islamic content for virtually all major textbook publishers nationwide?

How is it that the “Teachers Guide to Religion in the Classroom” was written by the ACLU and Abdurahman Alimoudi, a Convicted Al Qaeda Financer currently serving 23 years in prison?

How is that two (2) of the (17) groups which contributed to the guide to religion in the classroom are the CIE/IRCV and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), who like CAIR was a designated co-conspirator for funding HAMAS?   Notable is the fact ISNA accepted checks actually stating contributions were to support the Palestinian Mujahidin aka HAMAS.

Finally, how is that CAIR Tampa and Hassan Shibly were given access to influence the impressionable minds of public school students for at least three (3) years?  This indoctrination was reinforce by the very teachers entrusted to educate them.  Furthermore, why did it take several months of  battle with the Hillsborough County School Board by hundreds of outraged parents and civic groups to put a stop to it in 2012?

Parents need to unite in action, apply firm and constant pressure on the Department of Education, textbook publishers, and teachers to close our schools and classrooms to Subversive Islamist like Shabbir Mansouri, Susan Douglas, CAIR, and the CIE/IRCV.  Florida needs to follow the example of Texas Schools and develop textbook supplements until unbiased textbooks or alternatives can be produced.

“Public Schools are fertile grounds where the seeds of Islam can be sowed into the hearts of non-Muslims”  soundvision.com a website devoted to teaching Muslim student how to make Islam more visible in elementary thru high school, which Shabbir Mansouri is affiliated with.

Americans need to understand a Cultural Jihad is being for the hearts and minds of our children … until we are willing accept the facts before us, set aside political correctness, get educated on the enemy threat doctrine, and take a stand!!! … America will follow the same mistakes of our brothers and sisters in Europe and the collapse of western civilization will soon follow.

[i] ‘Political Activities of Muslims in America,’ Oxford University Press, 1991

[ii] Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 4, 1993

Randy McDaniels

Former United States Marine who occupational specialty was in Operation and later Counter Intelligence. Served 6 years before being honoraby discharged. A Chapter Leader for ACT! for America and Mentor for the South East. American by the grace of God, Christian by Choice, and Patriotic Warrior by necessity.

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