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Secrets of Iraq: What you haven’t been told about WMD and POW Jessica Lynch

It has now been over a decade since I left Nasiriyah, Iraq. Although many of my articles and speeches are viewed as controversial, yet I provide information that is factual and verifiable. Often the truth is hard for many people to accept. I believe it would be a hypocritical if I were to just say things that made people feel good.

There were many good things that were accomplished during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and there were many things that were done wrong. I had been selected in Jan 2003 to move to an isolated area of Saudi Arabia, which was ARAR Air Base (AB), Saudi Arabia. I had already spent 20 plus years on active duty with the USAF (OSI Special Agent), and now I was a civilian U.S. Federal Agent (1811). I had the highest clearances the U.S. government provides and had just completed Arabic language school at a U.S. State Department facility.

ARAR AB was on the border of Iraq. The U.S. forces at ARAR consisted of a couple thousand people who had been hand selected to be on the frontlines when the war with Iraq began. We had Special Forces troops (Tek Team 20) at ARAR as well. I was the only civilian Agent on the installation. There were 5 other Agents besides myself, but they were active duty members.

Our mission was to collect intelligence pertaining to the terrorism threats directed to U.S. government personnel assigned to ARAR. In addition it was our mission to conduct intelligence operations outside the confines of the base. Before the war we were directed to travel into Iraqi to determine the military strength of Saddam forces and to thwart terrorist attacks.

While at ARAR my team and I worked hand in hand with the Saudi military. There were some Saudi military personnel working on the side of Iraqi officials. My team and I exposed these individuals and neutralized the threat. The Saudi’s were not our friends and they are not our friends in 2013.

As everyone knows in Mar 2003 our country began the attack on Iraq. Some truth about Iraqi matters have been made public, but there are many issues the American public have either been lied to or the complete truth has never been told.

I want to discuss three important issues. The hunt for WMD in Iraq, theWhite House policy on winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, and the truth about POW Private Jessica Lynch.



The Saudi military were so sure Saddam had WMD that they were literally begging us for gas masks a day before the war began.  There were senior Saudi military offciers who were providing the Iraq’s with intelligence on our capabilities, equipment, and other security matters that put the U.S. at risk.

The Iraq Survey Group (ISG)

The Iraq Survey Group was supposed to be on the ground at the start of the war in Mar 2003.  They didn’t show up until June 2003.  Federal Agents and I were on the ground immediately at the start of the war.  Iraqi’s from all walks of life were providing us details on exact locations of chemical and biological weapons that Saddam had buried.  My team and I would contact ISG and request they come to the sites we had identified. We were told over and over by ISG that they could not travel because it was dangerous in Iraq, they didn’t have the people, or equipment on hand to excavate the sites we had located.

Four WMD locations found

In southern Iraq, near Nasiriyah, the Iraqi people informed us the details and exact locations of where WMD had been hidden.  We were told that if the U.cavate the sites, that insurgents would later do so and take to countries such as Syria.  Even after I had left Iraq I maintainedcontact with OSI Agents on the ground and at OSI HQ’s in DC.  The sites were never examined.  This being said there is no way anyone can say there was or was not WMD in Iraq.

Senior Field Commanders in Iraq

Senior Commanders in Iraq failed President Bush.  I observed first-hand classified reports being sent to Washington Dc that were misleading and not accurate. President Bush was being told all suspected WMD sites had been searched.  They had not.

Water Supply

When we first arrived in Iraq, we were provided 4 liters of water a day.  We could not use the water from the Euphrates or Tigris lakes because our engineers had tested the water and it was contaminated with radioactive material.  This was not told to the majority of our troops.  We washed ourselves in this contaminated water. Most of got sick several times during our deployment, and our medical records were stamped that we had been exposed to radioactive materials.

Iraqi sources

When we first arrived in Nasiriyah, there were numerous Iraqis who provided intelligence information to us.  They risked their lives to do so.  The vast majority of intel they provided was not properly acted upon, specifically the WMD intel.

OSI Agents on ground in Iraq and at HQ OSI

I spent several months in Iraq.  When I departed I followed up with OSI Agents still in Nasiriyah and Agents at HQ OSI.  I was informed the suspected WMD sites were never excavated and many of the Iraqis who had provided the intel, had been killed by Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Erick Stackleback (CBN)/Congressman Weldon and Hoekstra

When I returned to the U.S., I left Federal Service and obtained a position with the Dallas County Medical Examiner as the Chief Investigator.  In late 2003, President Bush announced the hunt for WMD was over.  I knew there were still several sites that had never been looked at and I went public with this information.  Soon after this I was contacted by Erick Stackleback, Journalist, CBN.  He invited me onto his TV show and paid for my travel from Dallas to DC.  Stakelback arranged a meeting for me to discuss the WMD information with former Congressman Curt Weldon (Pennsylvania).  I spent an hour or so with Weldon at his office.  Then we kept in touch for several weeks through emails.  Weldon brought Congressman Pete Hoekstra on board.  Ultimately Hoekstra and Weldon informed me they wanted me to bring three of the Iraqi sources who had intelligence on WMD, to their office.  Three Iraqis who had helped us in Iraq were now in the U.S.  I made the arrangements for the Iraqis to visit Weldon and Hoekstra.  A few days later Weldon contacted me and said he and Hoekstra wanted to make a trip to Iraq to go to the suspected WMD sites.

Weldon said the only people who would travel to Iraq would be Hoekstra, himself, the 3 Iraqi’s and me.  The Congressmen would be going to Iraq on a troop visit, but the true reason was to go to the WMD sites.  Both Congressmen would insure the sites were excavated and if there was WMD, then the media would be brought in.  If no WMD was found it would be kept from the media, CAI, and the White House.  I had concerns about the 3 Iraqi’s leaving the U.S. because their lives had been threatened by Al Qaeda, and if they returned to Iraq the U.S. State department may not allow them to return to the U.S.  This meant they would eventually be killed in Iraq.  I told Hoekstra and Weldon I did not support going to Iraq in a clandestine mode because I felt the american people should know the truth about WMD, and I didn’t want the Iraqi’s to be stranded in Iraq.  Weldon and Hoekstra said they did not care what happened to the Iraq’s.  I did care and said I would not travel to Iraq with them and would not allow the Iraqi’s to do so.  I went public on radio, newspapers, and TV.  Weldon and Hoekstra were very upset because I had ruined their chance to be the hero’s if WMD was indeed in Iraq.

This upset Stakelback as well. He said Weldon and Hoekstra were his close sources and they may not provide him inside intelligence in the future. Meaning they would no longer leak classified information to him.  I informed Stakelback he should choose his sources more wisely because I could not go along with them for wanting to make the WMD search a political issue and to endanger 3 Iraqi lives who had helped Americans in Iraq.  To this day Stakelback whines about this and when he is asked questions about my book ‘Muslim Mafia’ he will not give me credit for the work inside CAIR, he gives the credit to Paul Sperry (ghost writer for the book).  Stakelback has done some good work with exposing Islamic issues, but his sources such as Hoekstra and Weldon did not put America first. They put politics first.

Hearts and Minds

The one major fault I can identify pertaining to the administration, senior commanders, and troops on the field is that they knew very little about the Islamic ideology, the mindset of Islamic terrorists, and what everyday Muslims in Iraq wanted/needed.  Even today we believe we can win the hearts and minds of the Muslim people worldwide.

The Muslim people worldwide do not want what America has to offer.  True Muslims who abide by Pure Islam have always hated Israel and supporters of Israel.  No amount of money poured into their countries and pockets will change this.

POW Private Jessica Lynch: “The Torture That Was/Is Ignored”

In April – July 2003, while in Nasiriyah, Iraq, I had the opportunity to talk with the Director of Saddam’s Nasiriyah Hospital, several doctors, and nurses who actually attended to Private Jessica Lynch when she was a POW.

In addition another Agent and I had the opportunity to ‘interrogate’ the Director of the ‘Red Crescent’ who was located across the road from the hospital. This Director was responsible for the torture and death of American soldiers from the 507th.

Who else was aware of torture of American soldiers by Saddam supporters? Was Senator Joe Biden, who is now of course the Vice President of the United States? Yes. He was made aware in 2003, and many of my original war notes from 2003 indicate this.

I believe it disturbs many Americans and the intelligence officers that now we have Democrats in office who know the truth about the sufferings of our troops, and now stand up for the rights of Islamic terrorists who may have had a caterpillar put on them. When I was deployed to Iraq, I was an 1811 U.S. Federal Agent. I had been briefed by our government that since I was a civilian, but would have false identification indicating I was a Major, be carrying an M16 and a 9mm, if the enemy captured me I would be considered a spy under the ‘Geneva Convention’ and would likely be executed. Our government leaders advised me during briefings they would have no legal authority to prevent this. I acknowledged I understood these rights and was willing to take the risks for our country.


This is the actual bed POW Jessica Lynch was in at the Saddam Hospital, Nasiriyah, Iraq

Now I watch television daily and hear our leaders ‘crying’ about Islamic terrorists who may have been ‘slapped’, or put into a box with a caterpillar.  None of these leaders were standing up for civilian intelligence officers in 2003 who were being deployed to Iraq with false IDs and weapons.

When we went to war in 2003, we were facing an enemy we were not prepared for, and still aren’t. The enemy was not simply the Army of Saddam, but the Islamic terrorists who were residing in Iraq well before 2003. Once we entered Iraq, the Iranians began entering southern Iraq and were paying Islamic suicide bombers to kill Americans.

It is time American intelligence officers begin bringing forth the truth of the realities of how our troops were treated during Operation Iraqi Freedom by the same people who are now being protected and soon to be released by President Obama and with the support VP Biden, who knew the truth about our soldiers being tortured. Why will he not speak about it? Did Biden know Iranians were entering Iraq and providing sophisticated weapons to Islamic terrorists to kill our troops? I am not trying to single out Biden who knew what was going on, but to let the American people both Republicans and Democratic leaders were aware of the situation in Iraq.

This is the reality of ‘torture’ of our troops, and a sampling of the results of the interrogations Agents and I obtained: I have the documents, photographs, and contact information of Iraqis and U.S. personnel who were also aware. Anything I write or speak about can be verified. Simply ask VP Biden and our President to release the complete intelligence reports my team and I wrote in 2003.

1. When the members of the 507th were ambushed in Nasiriyah, Iraq, Private Jessica Lynch was initially taken to an Iraqi military base hospital in the Nasiriyah area (not the civilian hospital). Some of the other 507th were killed during the ambush, and others were captured and then murdered.

2. I visited the military hospital Private Lynch was held and it can be best described as ‘filth’.

3. When our brave troops began bombing this Iraqi base, the Iraqis decided to move Private Lynch to the Nasiriyah civilian hospital. The leaders of the Baath Party were using the basement of the hospital and its many tunnels as sanctuary.

4. Jessica Lynch was drugged, tied up, and placed under the stretcher in a Red Crescent vehicle.  The Director of the Red Crescent was a senior member of the Baath Party and was allowing the use of ambulances to transport weapons and Saddam supporters (military and Saddam’s civilian Fedeyeen forces) throughout Iraq. Our U.S. military

on the ground had been informed the ‘Rules of Engagement’ did not allow searching mosques, schools, or Red Crescent ambulances. U.S. military personnel died as a result of this.

5. A few days before Private Lynch was rescued, she was placed in Saddam’s civilian hospital. Iraqi Doctors confirmed Jessica Lynch had been sexually abused and beaten brutally by Saddam Fedayeen and Al Qaeda.

6. The doctor of Jessica Lynch and a brave Iraqi lady was ‘Hameeda’. She is the sister-in law of my good friend Mohammed Odeh Al Rehaief. Mohammed is the Iraqi lawyer who had provided intelligence to U.S. forces which enabled Jessica to be rescued. They were brought to the U.S. in 2003 because of the assistance they gave to American troops.

7. Jessica Lynch’s hospital bed was located near a window overlooking a soccer field near the grounds of the hospital. She had been forced to watch as her team members were ‘beheaded’ and buried.

8. One Agent and I had interviewed the Saddam Hospital staff and determined the location of the dead Americans who had been killed during the 507th ambush.

9. The Director took us to a position on the soccer field and said the 507th members had been buried in front of the soccer goal posts, so the children would run over their graves while playing soccer. This was to dishonor our ‘troops’.

10. The Director informed us the 507th members had been beheaded and many had been dragged through the streets of Nasiriyah.

11. The night before Jessica Lynch was rescued; the Fedayeen had threatened to take Jessica Lynch from her hospital bed, use a ‘Red Crescent vehicle, and go into the desert area outside of Nasiriyah.  The Fedayeen were going to bury Jessica alive in the vehicle.

The doctor of Jessica was able to talk the Fedayeen out of removing her this night. The next day our troops recued her.

12. I wrote numerous intelligence reports pertaining to these tragedies and others.

Senator Biden and many others were aware of the tortures our troops underwent, and the ‘interrogation results I and others had conducted on Enemy of Prisoners of War (EPW), and the results.

Private Jessica Lynch is an American hero.  She suffered both physical and sexual abuse by her Muslim captors.  The media and politicians have done their best to keep this information from the American public. Why? Because it would shed a negative light on Islam and Muslims. Many believe it would shed light on the truth behind the dangerous and violent Islamic ideology and the Muslims who adhere to Sharia law.

This story needs to be told.


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Dave Gaubatz

Paul “Dave” Gaubatz is a former Federal Agent, is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and counterterrorism specialist. Working on assignments in Middle-Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq, Dave Gaubatz has more than two decades of experience. Mr. Gaubatz is the owner of Wahhabi CT publications and provides counter-terrorism training materials for law enforcement and other organizations. He is frequently called upon for speaking engagements and training. The first U.S. civilian Federal Agent deployed to Nasiriyah, Iraq, in 2003, Mr. Gaubatz was able to travel to various cities throughout Iraq, using his Arabic-language training extensively. He collected intelligence on weapons of mass destruction and espionage. During this time, he led a mission to rescue the family of Mohammed Odeh Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who aided in rescuing Pfc. Jessica Lynch. Dave Gaubatz was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., and he grew up in Rocky Mount near Roanoke, Va. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in management from Saint Leo College, Saint Leo, Fla. Dave Gaubatz co-authored with Paul Sperry, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”

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