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Opinion: Wyllie running to make a point, not to win in Florida

Adrian Wyllie, the third-party candidate for Governor of Florida who was not allowed to speak in Tuesday night’s televised gubernatorial debate from Jacksonville, aspires to be the Ross Perot upset; but will his candidacy actually result in the “big government” he loves to hate? Or, as some observers believe, will a vote for Wyllie equal a vote for Crist?

William March’s article in the Naples News offers insight into the Wyllie run, as he claims “he’s fighting against a growing totalitarian state”—a bizarre accusation towards anti-big government Scott.

Wyllie is spending too much time campaigning in beer halls, so he’s missed Florida’s impressive turnaround.

Gov. Scott’s first cuts were unpopular, but resulted in job growth, debt reduction and a $1.2 billion surplus. Scott’s administration was able to “give back” to taxpayers in his “It’s Your Tax Money” $77 billion budget.

Gov. Scott is very popular to voters who support a thriving Florida economy. Wyllie, and some members of the mainstream media, like to confuse voters with lies of repetition — presuming that if you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually believe it.

Pundits believe Wyllie will not be very popular if his proposed platform is to prevail. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, who directed Senate spending last year, was shocked by Wyllie’s 30 percent cuts, saying “The idea that we can slash one-third of the state budget is fanciful and would decimate public schools.”

March’s article reveals Wyllie’s protests against “designer beer regulations” and “being arrested for driving without an ID” … a sophomoric perspective when compared to the creeping threats of ISIS and Ebola on our highways.

Wyllie’s self-promoting disregard lends an un-serious air to his race, especially, when he told students at St. Petersburg College, he doesn’t want to be governor anyway. Seriously, proves he’s running as a spoiler!

Wyllie admits he’s on bankruptcy-watch, while Gov. Scott should be heralded for his checkbook savvy. Using long-standing Republican principles, Scott’s working hard to make Florida the best state in America.

Melinda Meikle

Entrepreneur with common sense perspective, utilized writing skills in various fields in New York City: media services, film production, lifetime interest and participation in politics, activist, graphic design and real estate, inventor/product development, partner in social networking online start-up, author of upcoming book on the philosophy of politics.

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