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Florida lawsuit over water rights headed to Supreme Court

Today, Gov. Rick Scott announced to Historic City News that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up Florida’s lawsuit regarding Georgia’s over-consumption of waters that is impacting the Apalachicola Bay region.

For 20 years, Florida has tried to work with Georgia, and families have continued to see their fisheries suffer from the lack of water. The Supreme Court takes up so few cases that their willingness to hear Florida’s, demonstrates the merits of the state’s case before the court.

“This is huge news and a major victory for Florida,” Governor Scott said. “We took bold action last year to protect the Florida waters from Georgia’s unchecked use of these critical resources.”

The Governor announced last year that the State of Florida would file suit against Georgia.

“We are pleased with the United States Supreme Court’s decision to grant Florida’s motion and to allow the lawsuit against Georgia to move forward,” said Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. “Georgia has delayed long enough, and this lawsuit is essential to protect Florida from the environmental and economic harms caused by Georgia’s overconsumption of water.”

Although Scott and Bondi are encouraged by this new development, Scott clarified, “We are fighting for the future of this region, and we won’t quit until these resources are restored.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “We look forward to continuing our fight to protect Florida’s fair share of water in the United States Supreme Court.”

Click to view Florida’s lawsuit over water right

Michael Gold

St Augustine native, Michael Gold, is editor at Historic City News. He is an advocate for grassroots citizen journalism whose job is holding public figures accountable to the public. Founded on the Internet in March 2000, HCN has developed from a periodic newsletter, to an interactive platform, to a publication read by the area's most engaged citizens. Historic City News is focused on news originating from or having an impact on St Augustine and St Johns County. Contact by e-mail

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