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Florida Watchdog aids victim of ‘telephone voting’ scam

Florida Watchdog Wire editor Michael Gold learned of one resident on Blanco Street in Lincolnville, FL who was awakened to a telephone call at 3:30 a.m. on Election Day notifying her that the caller had identified her as having a disability that might make it difficult to get to the polls; so, they offered the victim an option to “vote by telephone.”

The victim first told her mail carrier what had happened, and that message made its way to the news room in time for Gold, who also serves as local editor of Historic City News, to drive to the woman’s home to determine whatever details were available.

“I am saddened to learn about this obvious scam and am thankful to you for helping the voter visit her polling precinct in time to cast her vote,” St Johns County Supervisor of Elections, Vicky Oakes said. “Our office did not receive any formal complaints, but we may never know how many other gullible voters fell for this ugly example of voter fraud.”

When Gold arrived, the victim, her mother, and two neighbors were sitting on the porch. The victim said she had been voting since she was a young girl, and, at first, was happy to learn that voting by telephone was an option. Of course, it is not.

Unfortunately, the elderly victim did not have caller identification, or another way to trace the telephone call. She told Historic City News that she was suspicious, which was why she told her mail carrier.

With just over 4 hours left to vote, Gold assisted the woman by driving her to the Willie Galimore Center so that her ballot could be cast. As she left the polling place and got back in the car, she thanked Gold and promised to be more careful in the next election.

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