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Michael Gold



Michael Gold, Florida State Editor

About: Born, educated, and still living in the Sunshine State, I am proud to report on fraud, waste, and abuse and give positive alternative suggestions to my state, county, and locally elected officials; through editorials and articles published in my daily online news journal, Historic City News.

Fourteen years ago, on March 18, I answered the call to keep my local community informed about exactly what goes on behind the curtain at Emerald City, I registered the domain name, and started a periodic newsletter e-mailed to a respectable list of about 250 local businessmen, professionals, and, of course, politicians.  Today, Historic City News publishes “Weekday Issue” that goes back over five years.

I have been a politically conservative leaning voter since I turned 18 years old; and, in a state that is solidly “Red” these days, it was far from conservative in the 1970’s.  The dozen or so of my friends, who also wore the “scarlet letter,” had to drive to Jacksonville from St. Augustine every month just to find a Young Republicans club.

Hobbies: My wife and I spend most of our free time together trying out new technology gadgets — we’re both kind of techies.  I was a former law enforcement officer and have been a licensed private investigator in Florida since 1998, so I like to shoot for sport and enjoy keeping sharp by squeezing in a little silhouette target practice, when I can.  Probably my favorite hobby is politics, go figure!

Favorite Books: I have to admit, I’m not much of a book reader, but from the time I get up until I go to bed, I’ve always got my nose in something that needs to be read.  I subscribe to a dozen clipping services and always make my way through them, and, as managing editor at Historic City News, I am reading current events constantly.

Favorite Historical Figures: Pedro Menendez de Aviles; who established the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in the United States — St Augustine, Florida, my hometown, established in 1565 and celebrating 450 years of being First America.

Favorites Quote: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes

Why I joined the Citizen Watchdog Team: For me, an opportunity to not only expose the truth about government fraud, waste, and abuse, but also to guide and shape those elected public officials to be as open and transparent as possible; minimizing the risk that they will fall between the cracks and into the waiting arms of temptation.  If I can mentor other citizen journalists to use the simple tools that I use every day, to ask the right questions, to realize the value of integrity in public office, then I will feel I have met a civic obligation and will have contributed something enduring and valuable.


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