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Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib, Assistant Editor 


About: Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Josh Kaib joined the Citizen Watchdog team in September 2012. He developed an interest in politics and government at an early age, leading him to the swamp of Washington, DC where he currently studies communications and marketing. Prior to interning for Watchdog Wire, Josh interned for a congressional campaign and worked for a political consultant.

Hobbies: Biking, hiking, cooking, blogging, podcasting, reading, shooting and video gaming.

Favorite Books: The Great GatsbyCatcher in the RyeAtlas Shrugged, Christoper Buckley’s political satires.

Favorite Historical Figures: Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, Edward R. Murrow, Saint Thomas Aquinas, William F. Buckley.

Favorite Quote: “The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry.” -William F. Buckley

Why I Joined The Citizen Watchdog Team: Without people who care about their communities, this country cannot hope to remain a bastion of freedom. Here at Watchdog Wire, we work to train citizens to hold their leaders accountable. I believe we must first clean up our local and state governments before we can possibly hope to clean up our federal government.