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Mary Ellen Beatty

Mary Ellen Beatty, Director of Citizen Outreach

MEB profile

About: Mary Ellen comes to us with a degree in journalism from Marquette University and a heart for grassroots education. She started her career teaching students how to start independent newspapers on their campuses, later joined a free market advocacy group where she specialized in messaging and communication, worked at a public relations firm, and now leads the Citizen Watchdog team at Franklin Center.

Hobbies: Exploring new cities, singing karaoke, taking brewery tours, swimming, interviewing new people, teaching and editing

Favorite books: The Great Gatsby, Road to Serfdom, Cost of Discipleship, The Birth Order Book, anything Agatha Christie (I love a good mystery novel!)

Favorite historical figures:  Francis Scott Key, Frederick Douglass, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Helen Keller

Favorite quote:
“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” –Benjamin Franklin
“The man who knows freedom will find a way to be free.” –F.A. Harper

Why I joined the Citizen Watchdog Team: I love telling stories. It’s a human past time that exists in every generation and culture, whether it’s looking through old photo albums or starting your own newspaper. People want to be heard, and journalism is a great way to tell your story in a relevant and compelling way that makes a lasting imprint on this world. Now with the help of technology, the art of journalism is easier than it ever has been. Blogs and wiki sites have taken the place of town criers and encyclopedias. I urge you to take advantage of these abundant resources, and use them to seek the truth and shine a light in your communities.