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Waste of the Week: Potomac Community Resources Home

$100,000 in pork

March 22, 2013

In honor of  State Senator Rob Garagiola‘s (D- Montgomery County)  minimum wage hike dying in committee, I decided to honor him with this week’s “Waste of the Week.”  Garagiola, along with fellow Montgomery county colleagues Delegates Kathleen Dumais (D), Brian Feldman (D), and Aruna Miller (D), are sponsors of  SB1025 / HB839 .

SB1025 / HB839 is a bond bill proposal for $100,000 for the Potomac Community Resources Home in Rockville, Maryland.  The home, operated by Potomac Community Resources, Inc, was originally founded as a Catholic charity to help developmentally challenged persons function normally in the community. This is a wonderful goal and I’m sure the organization does great work. However, do we need to go $100,000 further in debt in order to help this private charity update a home for developmentally challenged people?

If Garagiola, Dumais, Feldman, and Miller truly care for the center, there is an easy online donation box through which they can donate to the PCRI.

PCRI’s Executive Director Stephen F. Riley also happens to be a political contributor to Delegate Dumais, donating $650 in the past few election cycles to her campaign.

For that set of reasons and the ridiculous amount of debt our state continues to carry, SB1025 / HB839 are this week’s “Waste of the Week.”

Congratulations the Senator Garagiola and Delegate Dumais, Feldman, and Miller for trying to put the state a $100,000 further in debt to gain votes in Rockville.

Feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments section of wasteful spending in Maryland. at Old Line Elephant.


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