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Good Friday Tyranny in Maryland

On Good Friday, Marylanders witnessed an appalling display of legislative malfeasance and what many are calling a ‘tyrannical’ display of manipulating the outcome of a committee vote on an amendment to Governor O’Malley’s gun bill. The amendment, sponsored by Delegate Michael Smigiel (R-Cecil County) ,called for mandatory minimum sentences and the elimination of dimunition credits for good behavior for criminals who commit violent crimes with a firearm. Apparently, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Joseph Vallario claimed there was a “wrong count” and called for a revote.

This video, by Thomas Locastro of the Maryland Minutemen, shows the votes during the joint meeting of the House Judiciary and Health and Government Operations and the reaction of those in the room including a very upset Delegate Smigiel.


Smigiel posted the actual voting sheets on his blog here, where you can count for yourself and also see where original votes were scratched out. Smigiel released this statement. “The tyranny of the majority is nothing new in Annapolis. What is new is citizens who are informed of their Constitutional rights and have fought against tyranny elsewhere in the world are now witnesses to it, first hand, in their own state capital, as their own government subverts the Constitution and the principles of freedom and liberty, in order to take away the Constitutional rights of it’s citizens.”

The story has garnered national attention, with an article on Breitbart.com yesterday. Watchdog Wire Contributor and 2012 Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate candidate, Dan Bongino (R-MD) has also been an outspoken critic of this Good Friday maneuver and released a statement yesterday as well.

“First, political cowards in the Maryland Legislature scheduled a gun bill hearing on Good Friday to avoid media attention after a massive public outcry against this overreaching legislative firearm grab. Then, they crossed a line that should never be crossed in a civil society, and forfeited any semblance of dignity, ethics, or respect for their oaths of office by brazenly violating their own parliamentary procedures in order to punish legal firearm owners and protect criminals.”

Read the full statement here.


Jackie Wellfonder

Jackie Wellfonder is a proud conservative activist and strategist. She started blogging in 2012 and spreading a common sense message of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and transparent governance. She is also a radio host at www.waarradio.com.

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