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O’Malley? Oh No!

Change Maryland brought us the exhaustive list of 37 tax increases under the O’Malley administration, and now they’ve released a video titled “O’Malley, O No!”  Creatively using an ad O’Malley cut during his 2010 reelection campaign, Change Maryland highlights O’Malley’s prodigious tax raising record.

Since the 90-day legislative session, the organization has grown by 10,000.

Change Maryland, the largest and fastest growing nonpartisan, grassroots movement in the state, announced today that their group has swelled to 35,000 people from every single county in Maryland. The organization has grown by 10,000, just since the 90 day tax-raising, legislative session began in January. Change Maryland has quantified, brought to the public’s attention, and led the fight against the 37 consecutive O’Malley tax, toll and fee hikes that have taken an additional $3.1 billion more each year out of the pockets of struggling Maryland families and small businesses.

Change Maryland Chairman, Larry Hogan is speculated to be a possible Republican gubernatorial contender  in 2014.

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