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Maryland ranks in Top 10 Worst Business Climates in Nation

Another independent national study exposing Maryland’s unbearable business climate has been released. CEO Magazine ranked Maryland the 9th worst business climate in the nation.  Virginia has the 7th best business climate and once again leaves Maryland in the dust in the competition for attracting job creators.

Earlier this year the Tax Foundation ranked Maryland as having the 8th worst business climate and the Chamber of Commerce ranked us the 7th worst!

These staggering indictments against Maryland are reasons why thousands of Marylanders and business owners are fleeing to business friendly states like Virginia and Texas.

There has been talk about lowering Maryland’s corporate income tax rate by some  leaders in Maryland’s Democratic majority party, but with Maryland’s high tax rate and poor reputation as a place not to do business in, we have a very long way to go.

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Nick Loffer

Nick is the Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity Maryland. Prior to joining AFP in 2009, Nick worked for the Leadership Institute as a Field Coordinator after graduating Salisbury University in Maryland. Outside of politics Nick is an avid ice hockey player, boater, and BBQ connoisseur. Nick can be reached at or 410-603-1836.

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