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What is Global Citizenship? Ask Your School, or Ask Sen. Ben Cardin

What is “global citizenship”? I’ve been asking this question for more than four years now. Leftists have been pushing this concept in the schools via Signature ProgramsInternational Baccalaureate and Common Core without explaining exactly what this means.

Typically, proponents have given very glossed over definitions like, “Well, we live on the globe, so we are all global citizens.” I find it odd that any anyone would put so much money if the concept were actually that simple and straightforward.

The global citizenship denizens are coming out of the closet now on what global citizenship means. From what I can see now, what they really mean is taking shape even for the lay person who typically doesn’t pay attention to this type of thing. What this means is that if we buy into this concept, each country will lose sovereignty to a global Parliament that is now being conceived and organized by the United Nations. I wonder how the UN got the idea that the U.S. would capitulate to this “higher authority.”

Personally, I think the Apology Tour of 2009 might have given some people in Geneva some pretty lofty ideas. The following article from the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly website is quite enlightening and shows that yes indeed there is a larger picture when it comes to global citizenship. Folks, it’s not just a conspiracy anymore. Here it is, in all it’s glory, on the Committee for UN Parliament Assembly’s web page. Be sure to look at the steering committee links and sponsors links. That’s where I found  Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.

Perhaps we can ask Sen. Cardin what “global citizenship” means.

AB Graves

AB Graves has spent the last three years becoming an following the programs schools systems are promoting. Mrs. Graves has been presenting and working with Maryland grassroots activists, candidates and legislators on education issues. She’s briefed both elected officials, candidates and community organizations on Common Core, IB, AP and trends in the classroom. She points out key strategies for fighting politicization of the classroom .Ms. Graves is available for speaking engagements.

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