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How did your Maryland legislator vote?

Maryland Legislative Watch collected all the floor votes from the 2013 General Assembly legislative session.  We believe this is the first time this has been done.

What does this mean?  It means you can download a .pdf of each of your Delegate’s and Senator’s voting records.  Don’t know who your representatives are?  Go to mdelect.net.

Please take some time to view your representatives’ votes.  Does their rhetoric match their voting records?  How did they vote on issues important to you?

If you like or dislike some of their votes, let them know!  Legislators have to hear from constituents to know how the voters feel.  All legislators’ contact information is available on the Maryland General Assembly website.

Elections are coming in 2014.  All seats are up for grabs.  There is time to register to run for office.

Most important is knowledge of the Maryland Constitution.  When a candidate is asked what his/her qualifications are for office, the first answer should be that he/she is conversant with the Maryland Declaration of Rights.   Government is not a business, it does not make a product nor generate revenue, so business experience is irrelevant.  Government’s primary function is to protect the rights of the People.

A course is available, from Institute on the Constitution, on the Maryland Constitution.  As a graduate, this writer highly recommends the course.

Please, review your Delegates’ and Senator’s votes.  Some are running for other offices (e.g. Delegate George, Delegate Haddaway-Riccio, Delegate Schuh);  you can get an idea of how they will govern in their new offices, should they be elected.  Some legislators are running to retain their seats – if they don’t represent you, are they worthy of your vote?

An educated voting public is dangerous only to bad legislators.

Elizabeth Myers

Elizabeth Myers is a grassroots activist, certified Constitutionist (US and Maryland Constitutions, Institute on the Constitution), and fed up Marylander. Maryland Legislative Watch was started out of this frustration and the goal is to alert fellow Marylanders to bad (and a few good) bills that normally pass under the radar. Any writing on Watchdog Wire is my opinion only.

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