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(UPDATED) Caught on Video: State Senator Assaults Former Owner of Senator Theater in Baltimore

A video shows a woman, who appears to be Maryland State Senator Joan Carter Conway, a Baltimore City Democrat, slapping the video camera of the former owner of the Senator Theater, Tom Kiefaber, at a public auction today of Kiefaber’s former home in northeast Baltimore. One of Carter-Conway’s associates also appears to knock Kiefaber’s camera to the ground.

Kiefaber posted the video to Youtube. 

YouTube Preview Image

The Senator Theater is a Baltimore landmark. Due to financial troubles Kiefaber closed the theater in March 2009.  The city assumed the mortgage in May 2009, then bought it at auction in July of that year.

Prior to the auction Kiefaber wrote on his Facebook page alleging the city officials deliberately degraded the value of the property:

In 2009 the city first cut the power and water to 501 Orkney knowing the basement would flood and stay that way, ruining the new boiler and eroding the foundation. They then sent a crew out to cut grass AND knock out a key brick porch support which resulted in a partial porch collapse. Years went by. Folks thought I owned it and hassled me about it. No one would discuss the property at the city in any straight-forward manner, even to the residential association.

In August of 2012, Kiefaber was arrested at the Senator after the current operators accused him of trespassing and harassing staff.


Kiefaber posted another edited video  of the incident with additional footage of Carter Conway bidding on the house. A Baltimore City Police officer arrived and after several minutes of requesting he come with her, she handcuffed Kiefaber and detained him “for investigation.”

YouTube Preview Image



Mark Newgent

Mark Newgent is a contributing editor to Red Maryland, the premiere blog of conservative politics in the Free State, voted one of the best state political blogs by the Washington Post two years in a row. His writing has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Examiner, National Review Online, and more. Twitter: @MarkNewgent

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