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VIDEO: Annapolis Amnesty Protesters gather where O’Malley seeks to bring minors

This weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with a group of anti-amnesty protesters in Annapolis, Maryland. They were a small but very enthusiastic group and were grateful that I was there to provide a greater awareness for their cause.

They protested at the intersection of West St. and Route 2 in Annapolis, a short drive from the governor’s mansion, where Martin O’Malley is seeking to bring illegal immigrant children, who crossed the southern border to Maryland.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the ladies I spoke with was part of the “Free Republic” group. While they didn’t organize this particular protest, they are a very active group. She had been at the protest since it started at 11am and was encouraged by the overall positive response they’d received.

I was able to encourage one gentleman to be interviewed and he had a message for our President:

YouTube Preview Image

While I was talking with the protesters, a car actually pulled up with two gentleman that appeared to be of Latino descent. I couldn’t hear all of what they were saying, and started filming unfortunately, just as they were pulling away. Nonetheless, I captured Annapolis’ finest defending these people’s right to peacefully protest.

YouTube Preview Image

I asked the lady from Free Republic about one of the protesters who appeared to be in her own element. She was waving one of the smaller flags and had been there for quite a while. She was swaying, almost dancing and seemed to really enjoy just being there.

I went and talked to her and while she had broken English, she explained that she was from the Philippines and had been here in the United States about twenty years, working. I asked if she was an American citizen and she said no, but she would love to be. She got quite emotional as we spoke, and had tears in her eyes, so I didn’t press and ask if she had pursued her citizenship. She mentioned one of the protesters carrying “the big flag” saying she’d really love to wave that one. Thankfully, she got her chance and spent most of her time just gazing up at the flag. It was quite endearing.

Even though by the time I made it to the protest and they were approaching their final hour, they had one more person join them and their enthusiasm hadn’t waned:

YouTube Preview Image


Jackie Wellfonder

Jackie Wellfonder is a proud conservative activist and strategist. She started blogging in 2012 and spreading a common sense message of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and transparent governance. She is also a radio host at www.waarradio.com.

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