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MD: Anthony Brown Campaign Accused Of Coordinating With Super PAC

The Republican Larry Hogan campaign filed a complaint against the Democratic Anthony Brown campaign on Sept. 4, accusing said campaign of  illegally coordinating with the super PAC “One State, One Future”, which receives large amounts of its funding from unions. On Sept. 17, the Hogan campaign followed up on these allegations by releasing a table of shared donors between the Brown campaign and the super PAC.

The initial complaint centered around two financial consultants from consulting firm Martin-Lauer Associates shared between the campaign and the PAC: Colleen Martin-Lauer and Susan Smith-Bauk. Hogan campaign manager Steve Crim wrote in the complaint that “A fundraising coordinator working for multiple entities is implicitly acting in a ‘coordinated’ fashion because of such an individual’s unique knowledge concerning the contribution limits encountered by potential and existing contributors,” according to the Washington Post.

Maryland campaign rules state that campaigns and PACs are forbidden from sharing “campaign material, strategies, or information that is not generally available to the public, such as advertising, messaging, strategy, polling, research, or allocation of resources.”

The Hogan campaign released a press release on Sept. 17 with a table [below] of shared donors between “One State, One Future” and the Brown campaign. These donors include AT&T and a number of union PACs, including the American Federation of Government Employees PAC and the SEIU. Brown donations table

Crim said in the press release:

After eight years of a culture of corruption in Maryland – which earned a D- from the State Integrity Investigation project — Marylanders have the right to know if Lt. Governor Brown and his running mate broke the law by coordinating with an independent Super PAC. The Attorney General and State Prosecutor should take immediate action to stop the participation of the Super PAC in this election.

This call upon the Attorney General is complicated by the fact that that man, Attorney General Doug Gansler, himself made similar claims against Brown during the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Gansler, however, never filed an official complaint, and supported Brown after conceding the Democratic primary.

Inserted image comes from a screenshot of the table seen here, provided by the Hogan press release here (first hyperlink)
Featured image from Shutterstock

*This article was edited by Managing Editor Jackie Moreau

Brad Matthews

Brad Matthews is the Digital Content Coordinator intern for Watchdog Wire. Twitter is @bradmatthewsDC

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